Saturday, June 22, 2024

Polling open in Ireland for EU elections

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The vote comes amid backlash against rising migration and severe housing shortages in Ireland.


Voting is underway in Ireland for the European Parliament elections, with a record number of far-right candidates on the ballot.

Forteen MEPs will be elected to the EU Parliament, following election campaigning that has been dominated by controversy over rising numbers of asylum seekers and a severe shortage of affordable housing.

Public disquiet over the increasing presence of Ukrainian and other refugees in asylum centres and tents across Dublin has pushed the coalition government to introduce tougher measures against immigration in recent months – including reducing welfare support for migrants and removing encampments.

Nearly 3.6 million people are registered to vote for the European elections in Ireland.

Voting is also taking place domestically in Ireland, with both polls open for the local elections and the mayoral contest in Limerick.

Voting in Ireland follows the Netherlands, which opened its polls on Thursday.

Final results for the entire EU will be announced in Brussels after polls close Sunday night.

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