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About the 2013 Mr Europe Pro – Muscle & Fitness

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The biggest gathering of Spanish bodybuilders will be going head to head against other nationalities in order to bring home the 2013 Mr Europe Pro title.

From the European Page:

Determining the European professional title is a real priority for those in the European bodybuilding community. In the first two contests, the first place titles (seasons 2010 and 2011) went to the German, Ronny Rockel. Where as the last edition, the 2012 (MEP3), went to the Greek Michael Kefalianos.

It’s now time to reunite them in order to clear any reasonable doubt as to who is the true European ruler of the Professional League.

On the other hand, other European bodybuilders and two Americans have been added to this equation. Among them we must emphasize the largest gathering of Spanish professionals ever seen so far; The Spanish have joined this call almost unanimously, making possible a spectacle unimaginable to date for the audience at Santa Susanna and an event very difficult to forecast.

Two factors left out from the above: Toney Freeman and Jeff Long. For sure these two Americans will be interrupting some European plans.

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