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2013 Mr Europe Open Report and Full Results – Muscle & Fitness

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Congratulations to Robert Piotrkowicz for taking the 2013 Mr Europe against a very tough field qualifying him for the 2013 Mr Olympia. Robert Piotrkowicz wins the 2013 Mr Europe with Baitollah Abbaspour taking 2nd followed by Toney Freeman in 3rd.

Piotrkowicz has been working with IFBB Pro George Farah this year and after a few competitions, Team Farah found the right combination allowing Piotrkowicz to finally grab a win and qualify for the big show later this year.

The massive Baitollah Abbaspour has been coming in sharp and conditioned but had been denied a second look in the past two competitions. Finally Abbaspour hit it correctly thus grabbing the judges approval for a 2nd place win.

Toney Freeman was my pick for the win, but as I’ve stated before, competing a multitude of times over a short period will degrade the body’s look. Freeman always looks good, but with his height, Toney Freeman needs to look GREAT in order to carry the win. It’s time for Freeman to take a break and get ready for Mr Olympia.

Here’s the full results from the 2013 Mr Europe Pro

2013 Mr Europe Score Card

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