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Your need-to-know love horoscope for 2023

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Horoscope 2023: What can we expect in our love lives in 2023? Although the year begins with Mercury and Mars in retrograde, the vibe will get lighter as we near the end of January. We’ll begin to embrace the thrills, romance, and fun set to come our way in the upcoming year. From Saturn’s entrance into Pisces on 7 March (fantasy and reality will come together) to Jupiter’s move from fiery Aries to sensual Taurus on 16 May, we will go big when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s set to be an exciting year and one rich in love

Key dates for love in 2023

January 1: Venus and Pluto push us to get deep with others. 

January 9: Venus and Mars in retrograde bring us minor flirtations.

January 22: Venus and Saturn cement relationships. 

February 4: Venus and Mars ignite passion.

February 15: Venus and Neptune allow us to believe in happily ever after.

March 2: Venus and Jupiter expand our capacity for love. 

March 11: Venus and Mars spark our hopes for new beginnings.

March 20: Venus and the North Node of Destiny make fated decisions in love. 

March 30: Venus and Uranus bring excitement and unconventionality to romance. 

July 22 to September 3: Venus retrograde in Leo urges us to reflect upon what we want in relationships. 

July 27: Venus and Mercury help us express how we feel. 

August 13: The Venus Star Point in Leo defines our desires in love. 

Additionally, 2023’s eclipses (there are two solar eclipses on 20 April and 14 October, and two lunar eclipses on 5 May and 28 October), are significant dates for love and romance, as they will prompt us to make key decisions about partnerships. 

Your personal love horoscope


Relationships will come and go for Aries in 2023. The lesson is to release situations and people who aren’t letting you live your best life. If someone is holding you back or becoming a roadblock in your path towards happiness, then it’s time to release them. You may even want to spend time working on making romances better, if they’ve been veering off track. It’s essential to know what your limits are and to avoid fighting for a lost cause. Know that you’re growing and have the ability to embrace new experiences, so keep your heart open at all times.


Dear Taurus, you have a lot of love to give and plenty of people to give it to in 2023. However, the type of partnership you desire will evolve into something you may not expect. Rather than fight the changes that are coming, embrace them. Pursue relationships with an open mind and do not let societal standards define what works for you – give yourself the opportunity to define your needs and expectations of others. As long as you’re honest and embrace your truest self, then anything is possible when it comes to matters of the heart.


An acquaintance has the capacity to become more in 2023. You may find that you have more in common with an old pal than you thought – friends can become lovers. At first, you’ll be surprised by the number of interests and aspirations that you share, but over time you’ll realize that you’ve always harbored a small crush on one other. Keep the flirtation under wraps before you both know how to proceed in the autumn – this connection is going to bring you the passion you crave.


More often than not, you tend to avoid confrontation in relationships. 2023 will help you find your voice and speak up. Even if you’re experiencing minor frustration or an immense amount of love for your significant other/crush, you won’t shy away from expressing how you feel this year. Life is too short to hide in your cocoon forever. Take a risk and assert yourself. The results could mean a big win for your sweet and delicate heart. Go for it, Cancer!


To all the single lions out there – you’re right to avoid settling. Wait for someone who will sweep you off your feet. Although your fairytale ending may take time to come to fruition, you’re figuring out what you want from love this year. If someone from your past makes their return during this summer’s Venus retrograde, then decide wisely if you have the capacity to partake in another season with an ex. For all the lions who are in a relationship — demand more affection and attention from your significant other. You deserve to be treated like the superstar that you are.


Low-key entanglements are becoming major commitments by the last days of winter. You’ll find yourself planning for wedding bells – that is, if you don’t let your insecurities get in the way. Repeat the phrase: “I am an amazing being, worthy of love” every morning, to welcome the love you are receiving with open arms. Not only will this attract tenderness, warmth and compassion, but it will also allow you to have a gentler, healthier and kinder relationship with yourself. After all, the most significant connection is the one you have with yourself. 


In order for your current relationship to survive, you’ll have to protect your partnership from salacious gossip. Unfortunately, your peers are holding you to your words – even when things are going well. Ignore the advice of others and do whatever is in your heart. Prove your friends wrong by enjoying the happy moments and taking the time to work more difficult matters out. By the end of the year, you’ll find that all the outside noise is nonsense. Your partnership won’t be destroyed by sticks and stones – it will only get stronger.


In order for your partnership to thrive, it’s important for you to have your own identity outside of your relationship. This means ditching the codependent behavior that you’ve grown accustomed to and being more independent. Go out with your friends for a night on the town, take an art class, or visit a friend out of town when you can – chances are that you’ll come back home to the welcoming arms of your significant other. A little space is never a bad thing. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.


You feel off-kilter, which makes you unsure about what the future holds. Until you find stability in your day-to-day routine, it will be hard to give 100 per cent to another. That doesn’t mean you won’t be coupled up for all of 2023 – it just may take a moment before you can step up and take the relationship to another level, because you’re a wanderer who gets taken with the wind. Once you sort out a routine in the autumnal months, you’ll take matters of the heart much more seriously.


Triangular relationships and power struggles with others have been a common theme of your love life for the past several years. Now, you can expect such sentiments to calm down – but only if you’ve learned your lesson. If you decide to create a situation in which you aren’t playing by the relationship rules (i.e. flirting with someone other than your partner), then you can expect the same outcome. However, if you have evolved and developed a new approach to love, then your heart will be fulfilled and happy.


Your heart is see-sawing between wanting to be intimate and wanting to be free in 2023. As the winter months cool down and the summer months heat up, you will want to embrace your autonomy and break out of a situationship that isn’t working for you anymore. Instead of creating drama as a way to set up a new dynamic with your partner, have honest conversations about your feelings. Even if you’re not ready to let go, you’ll find a compromise that works for you both. Making unique rules in your relationship will help it evolve.


Love is nothing short of a dream. You may find that things are going too well for your liking and stir up drama to ensure that you’re not deluding yourself. Although it’ll make you feel as though you’re alive in the moment, arguments have the potential to reach high notes in the spring and autumn, so you may want to choose another way to show you care. It’s best to plan an intimate adventure with your partner on Valentine’s Day to connect on a deeper level, and explore the future of the relationship (which is looking good).

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