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What’s it really like to do an extreme boot camp?

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It’s 10.30pm, pitch black and I’m lying face down in a murky swamp.

I can only faintly make out the silhouette of a man in army camo, while he yells expletives at me, during a brutal circuit comprising hundreds of push-ups, burpees and sit ups.

The water is so thick and dank, I can’t even see my hands. I try to forget my feeble muscles burning, the bitter cold and the bugs, instead, all I’m focusing on is – why did I volunteer to be here?

When I signed up for Xtreme Boot Camps – dubbed ‘Europe’s toughest military style bootcamp’ – I arrogantly assumed I’d be able to take the workouts in my stride.

Being an avid gym bunny, a cross-fitter and considering I’ve completed four other military style camps with relative ease, I reasoned, how hard could this one be?

Elissa being put through her paces(Xtreme Boot Camp)

“I’ve done boot camps before, I’m sure I’ll be fine,” I said cockily to two surly instructors during our induction, who looked back at me, distinctly unimpressed.

Instead the ex-military trainers, James and Tom, made it seriously clear this was not like any other camp I’d visited before.

This was not an expensive boutique weight loss camp for softies and favoured by celebs, instead their extreme programme is inspired by the most arduous regime in the world – Royal Marine commando training.

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