Monday, June 17, 2024

We had a blast at the UK’s first Nerf indoor entertainment centre in Trafford

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It’s been a long time in the making, but the doors to Trafford’s Nerf Action Xperience are finally open and we were among the first inside.

The ‘family-friendly’ experience is the first in the UK and is in fact the only one in Europe.

As the name suggests, everything is based around the popular Nerf brand and once inside there’s a whole host of activities to get involved with.

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Nerf Action Xperience is now open at Trafford Palazzo(Image: Manchester Family/MEN)

The 35,000 sq ft venue features a variety of Nerf experiences and visitors can pick and choose what to do as they make their way around.

There’s a dedicated active play zone with seven different sports-inspired games where guests can play against each other or themselves.

Upstairs is the Training Ground, where you get to hone your target skills on various games, including firing at plastic balls that are being held up by air jets being blasted underneath them.

The real hit for us though were the two battlegrounds where you go head-to-head in two teams decided by the staff.

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