Thursday, July 18, 2024

UK drivers must pay £120 to enter Europe if they don’t have correct number plate

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UK motorists have been told they require a special sticker before entering Europe or face fines of £120. Europe makes a great destination for holidays, with people able to travel by car via ferries.

There’s a number of routes from the UK to France, Netherlands and Ireland. England fans may have also travelled by car to Germany while 2024 Euros take place.

However drivers have been told they should have a checklist before entering into the European Union zone. Experts at Motor Match said: “UK drivers abroad need to ensure they are fully prepared with the required equipment when driving in Europe. Items such as a warning triangle, a high-visibility jacket, and a first aid kit are essentials.”

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One important piece of equipment is a magnetic UK sticker. According to the UK government, you must display a UK identifier on your number plate when driving a UK-registered vehicle abroad.

These identifiers are small strips that feature on the left handside of number plates. UK identifiers feature the Union Jack flag and the letters UK beneath it.

If your car already has one, you won’t need to do anything. However you must acquire one if your number plate has one of these features:

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