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Turkish para-tennis player serves up European glory, eyes US Open

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In a whirlwind journey from the heart of Europe to the bustling courts of the United States, Turkish para-tennis sensation Ahmet Kaplan has emerged victorious, wielding two gleaming medals as his herald.

With his quest for glory far from over, he now sets his sights on the summit of the U.S. Open Wheelchair Tennis Championship, a grand stage where dreams are forged and champions are crowned.

At the tender age of 21, Kaplan’s prowess knows no bounds.

He recently returned from the European Paralympic Championships, hosted in the picturesque Netherlands from Aug. 8-13, bearing a bronze medal in the fiercely competitive “quad” category.

And if that were not enough to dazzle, he paired up with the Uğur Altınel to clinch the silver in the doubles event.

Yet, Kaplan is no stranger to the relentless pursuit of excellence.

He has embarked on a new odyssey, directing his unyielding determination toward the U.S. Open, a grand slam tournament set to grace the Mersin Tennis Complex on Sept. 5-10.

Guided by his coach, Atilla Kökver, the paralympic national tennis sensation is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to his preparation.

Ahmet’s meteoric rise in the “quad” category has propelled him to the 14th spot in the world rankings.

With his eyes firmly set on securing a spot at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games, the stakes have never been higher. “Two medals in the Netherlands,” Ahmet recounts with a beaming smile, “I couldn’t be happier.”

But beneath that radiant exterior lies a man who has weathered a grueling journey.

Ahmet’s path to the Paralympics was paved with sweat, sacrifice and ceaseless dedication.

The U.S. Open, he confides, is not just another tournament; it is the key to unlocking his Paralympic dream.

“In the world of the U.S. Open, there are just 16 of us,” Ahmet reveals. “I have managed to secure the 14th spot, but this is a league where excellence reigns supreme. We’re training relentlessly, five days a week, to keep the tempo soaring. Our training and nutrition regimen is a study in discipline.”

With a steely resolve and unwavering conviction, Ahmet shares his lofty aspiration, “I aim to return from America not just as a participant but as a champion. The Grand Slam tournament is every athlete’s dream, and I want to dazzle in the finals. I pledge to give it my all. My confidence is unwavering, and I’m pushing myself beyond my limits. A champion’s return is my destiny.”

Coach Atilla Kökver, the guiding force behind Ahmet’s journey, exudes unwavering faith in his protege. “Our preparation has been meticulous,” he affirms, “and I have no doubt that Ahmet will replicate his success on the grand stage. We are poised to return from America bearing spectacular results.”

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