Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The Scorpio Flower Lunar Eclipse Will Be Full Of Surprise, Chaos & Unpredictability

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The fixed star Zubenelgenubi aligns with the moon. Unfortunately, the star gives off a negative and combative energy towards the moon that will escalate fast during the eclipse. With the moon being in the Via Combusta degrees of Scorpio, this will make circumstances rockier and more passionate. We can expect to experience confrontations that have the potential to become huge arguments. Our frustration levels will skyrocket due to the energy, creating a tense atmosphere with everyone involved. The prickly situation seems unavoidable — unless we bite our tongues in silence, which won’t happen due to Mercury moonwalking in its planetary retrograde. So, be careful in the declarations and words that are said, since they may be hard to take back and could express the opposite sentiment of what you believe in. 

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