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The 10 cheapest places holidaymakers can hire cars across Europe

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When travelling abroad hiring a car can add an extra cost to any trip. And depending on where you go there can be a big difference to the daily cost.

Researchers have looked to see where you can get the best deals for hiring a car – and they found the 10 lowest average costs for European destinations. The lowest cost was Malta, costing on average £ 20.68 a day.

Faro in Portugal, which will set travellers back £ 22.82 a day, and Antalya in Turkey, priced £23.11, come in second and third respectively. Completing the top five are Paphos, in Cyprus, at £24.30 per day and Seville, in southern Spain, at just £25.39.

The figures were compiled by Skyscanner using the data from its car rental service across a host of European and worldwide destinations. Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner’s travel trends and destinations expert, said: “Hiring a car lets you get out and about to enjoy parts of your trip you might otherwise miss.

“From stunning coastal scenery to getting up close and personal with a city, there are so many benefits to getting behind the wheel and exploring. Hiring a car can be an extremely affordable way to get around while on holiday, if travellers know the tips and hacks for shopping around and comparing their options.”

Despite many prices rising over the past year car hire costs have been falling in some places. Albania has seen the biggest price cut year-on-year, falling by 34 per cent. Italy has also seen its car hire charges drop at 26 per cent lower than last year, while France is down 16 per cent and Austria is down 15 per cent.

The figures come after research found 12% it to the day before or day of travel to book their vehicle. However, the Skyscanner data shows those looking to hire a car in Spain or Italy should do it a week before they travel – while those jetting off to France should book vehicle hire two weeks ahead to get the best price.

A Skyscanner spokesperson added: “While it might be daunting driving on the opposite side of the road, or getting to grips with foreign road signs, people soon get used to it and enjoy the experience. Gone is the need to wait ages for unreliable public transport – get behind the wheel and enjoy the holiday you want, where you want.”

Top 10 cheapest places to hire a car in Europe

  • Valetta, Malta – £20.68
  • Faro, Portugal – £22.82
  • Antalya, Türkiye – £23.11
  • Paphos, Cyprus – £24.30
  • Seville, Spain – £25.39
  • Alicante, Spain – £25.41
  • Valencia, Spain – £25.42
  • Larnaca, Cyprus – £25.96
  • Malaga, Spain – £25.98
  • Lisbon, Portugal – £25.99

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