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Super Blue Moon 2023: Date and How to watch Blue Moon tonight – Times of India

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Super Blue Moon 2023: This is going to be an another Super blue moon happening tonight on August 30, 2023. This will be an amazing celestial event of Supermoon and blue moon. All the sky gazers around the world must be excited to capture this rare phenomenon. This blue moon is a second full moon in a month. The combination of Blue Moon, Supermoon and Raksha Bandhan is making it more special. This celestial trifecta make an unusual connection between astronomical event and yearly festival.

Super Blue Moon 2023: When to watch this?

To all the sky gazers who are waiting for this event must note down that these people can witness this rare phenomenon just after the sunset. At the time of 08:37 PM (EDT) on August 30, 2023 it will reach to it will be at its peak and there will be the maximum brightness. Twilight will be the best time to watch this event. People in European countries can watch it on August 31, 2023 also. This will be an advantage to all those people to watch this.

Rare Super Blue Moon 2023

Super Blue Moons are very rare phenomenon which happen once in ten years due to astronomical changes. The events like two Supermoon occurances in a month happened in 2018 and it will not be happening till 2037. The next super blue moon will occur in the year 2024.

Blue Moon 2023: Astrological Significance

Blue moon is also known as the fruit moon as all the fruits ripen during late August and early September and this lunar phenomenon is happening during the last day of August. As per Astrology, it is happening when the planet Moon is travelling in Pisces zodiac. People who are associated with Moon, will feel more sensitivity and they would be able to connect with the people more. They will reveal their innermost feelings and have deep and meaningful conversations with their partners and family. As per planetary positions, Saturn planet is the closest to the Moon so there will be some mentally disturbance for the people, who have weak Moon in their horoscope.

Blue Super Moon 2023 with Raksha Bandhan

This is going to be an amazing Blue Supermoon as it coincides with one of the main Hindu festival which is Raksha Bandhan. People can take it as a Rakhi gift from Moon. The whole Hindu community will be celebrating the festival of love and bond shared between a brother and a sister by tying the sacred thread (Rakhi) on their brother’s wrist and pray for the well being and longevity of their brothers.

Super Blue Moon 2023: Why is it called as Super Blue Moon?

This is the third and the last full moon in the Northern Hemisphere will be a Super Blue Moon. As we all know that this is going to be a second full moon in a month as per Moon’s 29 day orbit of the Earth, makes it a Supermoon. Supermoons are accordingly 16 percent brighter than a regular moon and they also appear bigger than the usual ones. There is a difference of size. This celestial event is going to happen when there will be a full moon in the sky and its orbit will be the closest the Earth.

Blue Moon 2023: Which cities in India would be able to watch Supermoon?

The rare phenomenon of Super Blue Moon will be visible across the country and everyone would be able to witness this celestial event with their naked eyes.

Goa is organizing an event for all the people who are excited to see this rare celestial event, can attend the event which is free of cost and anyone can experience this. The whole information has been given in the below mentioned article. You just need to click on the link given below :

Witness the Sturgeon Super Blu Moon 2023 on August 31, 2023

Super Blue Moon 2023: FAQs

  1. When is Super Blue Moon happening in August?Super Blue Moon is going to happen on August 30, 2023. People can witness this celestial event tomorrow.
  2. At what time Super Blue Moon will be visible?All the Sky gazers can witness this amazing event in the sky at 08:37 PM as it will be at its peak. Otherwise it will be visible just after sunset.

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