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Sunbed wars escalate on Germans’ favourite Spanish beach with new technique

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Many tourists, predominantly German, are using a new technique to secure spots on the beach right by the water edge, causing outrage by many locals and other holidaymakers

Tourists will place their towel on a parasol before going and enjoying a leisurely breakfast(AFP via Getty Images)

German tourists are claiming beach spots in Majorca, Spain by marking their territory with towels in a new way at the crack of dawn.

Many foreign holidaymakers, said to be predominantly German, are marking their territory in the early morning, with dozens of umbrellas being ‘reserved’ before the crowds arrive.

Holidaymakers in Majorca are heading to Playa de Palma beach early to snatch up a spot on the beach by hanging their towel on a parasol. It is believed that holidaymakers, once having ‘reserved’ a parasol, head back to their accommodation to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, knowing they have already got a spot on the beach for later.

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Palma city council provides the rental service for sun loungers and parasols on this stretch of beach through an external company, which maintains the service. They are subject to a daily fee, between 10am and 7pm. As a rule, employees are on site from 8.30am, opening the sun loungers and distributing them. In the evening, they are stacked and closed.

A German resident who has lived on Playa de Palma for years expressed outrage, telling the Majorca Magazine: “You can find it all over the Playa!”

Responding to the report by Inselradio, others said “I would throw these towels into the sea!” and “I am embarrassed by something like this.”

“A totally bad habit,” said another. “Securing sun loungers with a towel in the early morning is absolutely inconsiderate and absolutely not acceptable. If no one blocks sun loungers with towels in the morning, everyone can have one. After all, we all want the same thing: a relaxing holiday.”

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