Saturday, June 15, 2024

Sanitation Solutions Supplier Goodway Technologies Opens Office in Europe

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Goodway Technologies is expanding its footprint by opening an office in Düsseldorf, Germany, bringing the company’s award-winning cleaning and sanitation solutions to Europe’s food and beverage market.

Food and beverage processing facilities must continually take proactive steps to ensure food safety and allergen management. Goodway Technologies’ cleaning and sanitation equipment is applicable to commercial bakeries, snack production, and food and beverage processing and packaging facilities. The solutions feature technologies and designs that increase sanitation performance, while reducing costs and production downtime.

Goodway Technologies specializes in dry steam technology that can be used in many applications. The innovative method uses high temperature and low moisture to remove bacteria, allergens, oil, grease, dirt, and more. Other solutions offered by Goodway Technologies include:

  • Dry steam cleaning solutions
  • Conveyor belt cleaning
  • Packing machinery and system cleaning
  • Equipment surface sanitizing and disinfection
  • General surface cleaning and sanitation
  • Hazardous/flammable powder vacuums
  • Tube cleaning systems for chillers, boilers, and heat exchangers.

Goodway Technologies will offer pre- and post-sales support from its first European location. Support for customers will include onsite demonstrations, consultations, and training.

Goodway Technologies:

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