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Paris Region Tourist Board Opens 13th Info Centre at Villages Nature® Paris, Home to Aqualagon, Europe Largest Water Park – Travel And Tour World

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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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The Paris Region Tourist Board is launching its 13th Tourist Information Centre at Villages Nature® Paris, a premier ecotourism destination in Europe. This unique site features a diverse array of attractions across five recreational zones, including the Aqualagon, one of Europe’s largest water parks.


The Paris Region Tourist Board, along with its Tourist Information Centres, is dedicated to enhancing the visitor experience in the Paris Region. We aim to provide exceptional services to travelers exploring our vibrant destination. Whether you’re discovering the charming sites of Seine-et-Marne or venturing throughout the entire region, our goal is to make your journey memorable. From Villages Nature® Paris, we invite you to uncover the rich array of attractions that await you.

The Holiday Advisors are here to warmly welcome and guide both French and international visitors in the Paris Region. They provide essential information, offer expert advice, and deliver a wide range of services to ensure every guest’s expectations are met.

For Hamida Rezeg, Special Delegate for Tourism to Valérie Pécresse, President of the Paris Region : “In an increasingly competitive context between the world’s major metropolises, including the Paris Region, it is the overall quality level of destinations that will make the difference. It is therefore important to continue to develop a renewed quality of service for our destination.

Tourist Information Centres

The Paris Region Tourist Board, the leading authority in regional tourism, is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the Paris Region through collaboration with tourism stakeholders and visitors. It aligns its efforts with the strategic guidelines set by the Regional Council for tourism development.

The Tourist Information Centres are the operational branch of the Paris Region Tourist Board. They manage a network of information hubs located at key points such as airports, Galeries Lafayette, and Disneyland Paris, providing essential support to tourists throughout their stay.

These centres offer a comprehensive array of services and tourist products to visitors in the Paris Region, including:

  1. Transport
  2. Museum Passes
  3. Amusement Parks
  4. Excursions
  5. Cruises
  6. Cabarets
  7. Ticketing
  8. Hotels

At the Villages Nature® Paris reception centre, a multilingual Trip Advisor is available on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 AM to 6 PM, offering personalized assistance.

Committed to delivering an exceptional visitor experience, the Paris Region Tourist Board and its Tourist Information Centres strive to enhance the quality of service for all tourists. They aim to provide memorable experiences and insightful guidance, especially for those exploring the scenic sites of Seine-et-Marne and the broader Paris Region accessible from Villages Nature® Paris.

Eric Jeunemaître, President of the Paris Region Tourist Board and Tourist Infortmation Centres, emphasises: “At a time when tourism is returning to the local and natural environment, welcoming visitors to Villages Nature® Paris is a new opportunity to raise the profile of the region as a whole and to enhance the quality of the welcome we offer in the Paris Region.

Lars Hallier, Director of Villages Nature® Paris : “I am delighted to welcome this new tourist information point to the heart of our destination. It marks a new turning point in our partnership with the teams of the Paris Region Tourist Board with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating since 2018 as part of the Tourism Volunteers scheme”.

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