Monday, June 24, 2024

My training session with Europe’s fittest man

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He arrives. He’s not like he is in his pictures, by which I mean he’s not topless and not spray-tanned to a deep chestnut colour. Instead, Terry is wearing a long-sleeved, royal blue sports top, through which you can discern the absurd triangularity of his torso but not much else. He’s gentle and friendly, speaking in a soft, Midlands-accented voice.

“I’m going to take you through a compound session,” he says, explaining that bench presses, deadlifts and weighted squats will provide “the basics of starting your fitness journey.” These are the kind of lifts, unlike, say, bicep curls, that work multiple muscle groups, making for a tough but holistic workout.

Like cardio, compound lifts burn fat, but unlike cardio, they build muscle. “When they come to the gym, a lot of people shy away from doing compound lifts. And yes, it’s awkward to start with, but it’s a massive expenditure of calories.” I realise with horror that I am going to get hideously, unprofessionally sweaty.

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