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MHP Team USA vs. Team Europe Strongman Challenge – Muscle & Fitness

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With tens of thousands of fans set to attend the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe, sports nutrition powerhouse MHP is bringing an exciting new Strongman Challenge to the Madrid Arena in Madrid on October 11-12. For the first time ever, MHP will organize and stage the MHP Team USA vs. Team Europe Strongman Challenge.

Representing Team USA will be MHP-sponsored strength athletes Brian Shaw (6’8″, 440 lbs.; World’s Strongest Man) and Mike Jenkins (6’6″, 400 lbs.; Arnold Strongman Champion). On the Team Europe side will be fellow MHP strongmen Zydrunas Savickas (6’3″, 390 lbs.; World’s Strongest Man) and Krzysztof Radzikowski (6’1″, 330 lbs.; Strongman World Champ). These four elite athletes will provide exhibitions for strength fans while earning points toward a win at the challenge.

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Three events will be contested, covering three stages at the Arnold Europe Classic. On Friday, Team USA and Team Europe will meet in the lower level of the Madrid Arena, where the Arnold Europe Amateur Strongman Championships are being held throughout the weekend. The first event will be a tire flip/farmers walk medley, with the strongmen flipping a massive truck tire over a set distance, followed immediately by a farmers walk carrying hundreds of pounds in each hand.

Saturday afternoon, the four will compete in the deadliest challenge on the Expo Main Stage. Each lifter will get three attempts, with the weights closing in on 1,000 lbs.! Finally, on Saturday night, Shaw, Jenkins, Big Z and Kryzsztof will face off during the Arnold Classic Europe Bodybuilding Finals for their last event – the circus dumbbell press. Each man will get 90 seconds to press the giant circus dumbbell overhead with one hand for as many reps as possible.

MHP is not only bringing these four awe inspiring strength athletes to Madrid for the Arnold Europe Team USA vs. Team Europe Strongman Challenge, but will award up to $10,000 in prizes.

For more information, visit the Arnold Classic Europe website or visit the MHP website.

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