Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Marcy Chin head to Europe

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Rising dancehall act Marcy Chin is in preparation mode for a three-month trip to Europe. There, she plans to continue to make her name in dancehall, work with a number of producers, connect with her growing fan base, and also do a few shows.

This trip comes as the petite entertainer known for songs such as The Bounce, Baddest Little Filly, and Head Ova Heels continues to spread her wings globally.

Last April, she made her debut at Dancehall Fest in Santiago, Chile, before adoring fans. Chin revealed that during the tour, set for February 2 to April 30, she plans to be based in Italy and is scheduling shows in several countries, including Spain, Germany, and France.

“The main purpose of the trip is to spread my music, grow more fans, and get to know the ones that already exist, as well as get a feel for Europe,” said the entertainer who toured Europe before with dancehall group Ward 21.

“I am excited because things are working out exactly as I imagined it. I sit and think about how I want my career to go, and so far, it’s happening exactly how I want it.

“I control what is happening, which is great for me because I have to be in control. That is very important to me. I set the pace. I set the standard, everything for my career. Things are falling into place, and it feels like finally, this train is moving.”

Chin’s partners in Europe are still taking bookings for what she intends to be a thrilling ride towards stardom.

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