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Lunar Eclipse 19 November 2021: Effects on various zodiac signs – Times of India

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On 19th November 2021, the lunar eclipse in Taurus will take place. The eclipse on 19th November 2021 will be the partial lunar eclipse. You will not see this eclipse in PAN India. You can see Eclipse in the Northern States of India only.

This lunar eclipse will start from 12.48 PM on the day of Kartik Purnima on 19th November. It will be in its maximum phase at 02.22 PM in the afternoon and will end at 04.17 PM in the evening. Thus the duration of the lunar eclipse will be around 3 hours 28 minutes. This lunar eclipse can be seen in parts of Southern America, Western Africa, Western Europe, the Atlantic Ocean and Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, some parts of China, and Russia.

This lunar eclipse will be in the Taurus Zodiac. Currently, Jupiter and Saturn are placed in Capricorn. Therefore, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn during an eclipse will affect the Capricorn sign specifically. Sun and Ketu are also placed together in Scorpio. Therefore, the combination of Sun and Ketu during an eclipse will affect the Scorpio sign specifically. Moon will remain weak due to the influence of Rahu, which will disturb the mind and negative thoughts will come. Some mysterious fears will give negative effects on various natives, which can create confusion in the financial and marital aspects of the various natives across the globe. Meditate to keep the mind focused. Do not take any decision in a hurry.

Effects on the various zodiac of this Lunar Eclipse

Aries natives should be careful in terms of finances. you are advised to avoid any new investment. You may face some differences in opinion among family members. You are advised to regulate your way of speaking and arrogance while communicating to others, it may affect your family and professional life.. You are also suggested to be careful in terms of eating habits.


Taurus natives should avoid starting new projects and ventures. You are also advised to drive safely. You may face some differences in opinion with your spouse. Spouse health can make you upset. . You are advised to keep patience and avoid hurry in terms of taking any important decision.


Gemini natives will not be able to relish at work and at home. You will face detachment from the given responsibilities, you will find yourself at a crossroads, it is advised to follow your intuition before making any important decision. You are also suggested to control your spending on worthless stuff.


Cancer natives may face issues in terms of earnings. Your sources of income will become slow now. it will affect your savings. You are also advised to take care of your children. You need to avoid risk, gambling, and speculation in terms of finance and investments.


Leo natives will be more spiritual and will enjoy their spiritual path. But you will face some difficulties in your work area. You may face some difference in opinion with the boss. you are also advised to stop your new project for a while.


Virgo natives may expect some long-distance travel. you are also planning to go to some religious place, you will decide to donate some amount to a religious place or to some charity. You are advised to try to focus on your higher education.


Libra natives may face some work-related pressure in the office, your boss and subordinates will interfere in your work. you will also be inclined towards spiritualism. You are advised to drive safely. You can also avoid going into crowded areas.


You may face some differences in opinion with your spouse. Love birds are advised to stop talking on controversial topics to maintain harmony in the relationship. You need to postpone your decision in terms of a new venture or new partnership business.


Sagittarius natives may face some issues in their job. your boss may interfere in your project, which may affect your mental peace. You are also avoiding making any argument, it may lead to court. You can regulate your eating habits, otherwise, you may face some stomach-related issues also.


You are inclined towards studies and to get intellectual information. Love birds may plan to get married. Couples may hear good news in terms of a kid in the family. Students are advised to control their carelessness and laziness in terms of studies.


You may feel some unhappiness, you may become sad. You may not be able to enjoy your quality time. you are advised to postpone your investments in real estate. you are advised to take care of your parents.


You may face confusion in terms of making the right decision. You are advised to keep patience and avoid hurrying before making any important calls. You can expect some short trips. Your team members will not be with you in your tough decision. You are suggested to avoid any type of arguments with the siblings.

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