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Jetting to Europe this summer? Here’s where you’ll find tons of Kiwis

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Webjet has released a list of the most popular Europe destinations for Kiwis. Photo / 123rf

In New Zealand, 4pm sunsets and frosted windscreens mean two things; winter is well and truly here and thousands of Kiwis are preparing for their annual migration to Europe.

During the winter of 2023, when the cold and wet truly began to drag on our spirit, it felt like every second person was planning a European getaway. This year, even more Kiwis are travelling to the cultured continent.

Bookings to Europe via the online booking website Webjet have increased by 5 per cent this year, driven mostly by travellers aged 35 years and younger.

So, where in Europe is hot for Kiwis this year?

Unsurprisingly, London took out the top spot, with the most bookings made from July 1, 2023, to May 17, 2024 for travel this June, July and August.

As the most popular gateway destination for Euro-bound Kiwis, it’s a common spot for travellers to visit for a few days before travelling onwards to the rest of Europe.

London has long been a popular destination for Kiwis looking to escape New Zealand winter. Photo / 123rf

The city of love appears to have seduced Kiwis this summer, as Paris is the second most popular European destination for Kiwis to fly to.

Rome follows in third, while Amsterdam and Manchester round out the top five.

Webjet suggested the cost of living crisis was behind the increased popularity of alternate UK ports such as Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham.

Most Kiwis will be away for four weeks (31 days) according to the booking data, which is a similar holiday period to 2023.

Millennials lead the booking charge, with 26-35-year-olds representing the largest number of bookings (27 per cent). The next largest groups are 46-55-year-olds and 56-65-year-olds (18 per cent of bookings, each).

Top 20 destinations booked for European summer

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Rome
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Manchester
  6. Athens
  7. Frankfurt
  8. Barcelona
  9. Milan
  10. Dublin
  11. Copenhagen
  12. Munich
  13. Glasgow
  14. Madrid
  15. Bologna
  16. Budapest
  17. Lisbon
  18. Prague
  19. Zurich
  20. Birmingham

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