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Jet, Set, Roar! Best Holiday Destinations For Leos According To Their Travel Horoscope

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Energetic, gregarious, valiant — Leos love to explore new places and are always up for an adventure. Needless to say, a deep dive into Leo’s travel horoscope points to some of the most vibrant holiday destinations as the best places to travel for them.  

What is the first thing you notice about a Leo? Their sunny demeanour, never-say-die attitude or their incredible generosity? All of these qualities make those born under this zodiac sign avid travellers. Thanks to their remarkable zest for life, the best places to travel for a Leo are either those with a lively atmosphere, tons of adrenaline-inducing activities or luxurious options to lounge their break away.

What makes Leos the perfect travel companion?

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Starting from 23 July to 22 August, the Leo season falls in the middle of summer. The fire sign with a fixed modality, is ruled by the sun and hence, exhibits a generally warm disposition towards life and fellow zodiacs. They like to bask in attention and tend to be likeable and magnetic.

Quite popular, people born under this sun sign assume the role of natural leaders in every group, be it professional or personal. These extroverted personalities love crowds and are quite fearless and loyal in their relationships. This makes them perfect travel companions.

Once you let the Leo in your life take the reigns of your holiday plans, there won’t be a single dull day in your itinerary. They make sure you get the best plane seats, and best deals and come back rejuvenated and glowing from your vacation.

Leo travel compatibility with other zodiacs

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Leo gets well along with other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius as they match its adventurous yet regal attitude. Besides them, the air sign of Gemini is also considered a good match for Leos according to travel horoscope because of their shared penchant for out-of-this-world, luxe experiences.

Amongst the earth signs, Taurus could be a good travel buddy to Leo because this steadfast sign denoted by a celestial bull is governed by the planet of love and money, Venus. Taureans love to indulge in spa days, good food and crave opulence while on vacation and even in life. This quality perfectly matches the pleasure-seeking Leos.

The only bone of contention that might cause this equation to go awry is that the bull is known to be stubborn and the lion likes to be in control of every situation. But they can plan a wonderful sojourn if they work out their characteristic differences.

Best destinations to visit to please the Leo in you

Paris, France

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Vacationing in the French capital of Paris is the epitome of living the good life — a befitting trip for the king of the zodiacs. Royal and refined, this city is like a love letter to every connoisseur of art and fashion, who wants to live a high life. Romantic and picturesque, the Parisian streets will surely impress the larger-than-life soul of a Leo.

Besides the touristy Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, visitors can experience stylish bistros and revel in the grandiosity of the iconic Champs-Élysées! Paris truly is a true blue Leo’s playground.

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Miami, Florida

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There are many reasons why Miami is called the Magic City and all of them complement the Leo spirit. The sunny beaches, neverending nightlife, glamorous dining scenes and charming art deco buildings will captivate the zodiac’s mind.

While their extroverted side can live it up at the buzzing beaches and exclusive clubs, their intellectual soul will find solace in the city’s art galleries and tropical gardens. Hence, this is one of the best places to travel for Leos.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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There is no bad time to visit the ‘Sin City’ for a Leo, dictates their travel horoscope. Not for the weak-hearted, the casinos, slots and unlimited betting games are perfect for the daring zodiac sign. The vibe of this party destination — filled with decadent Michelin-star restaurants, gambling haunts, jaw-dropping live performances and 24-hour wedding chapels — is in tune with this fire sign’s core ethos.

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If there is indeed heaven on earth, the Maldives could definitely qualify as a piece of it! This chain of 26 mini islands dotted with pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters in the Indian Ocean offers a unique, once-in-a-lifetime bespoke experience. Leo travellers can spend their free time languorously in over-water bungalows with infinity pools overlooking gorgeous sunsets while indulging in sumptuous local tropical fare.

Additionally, the breathtaking snorkelling and deep sea diving activities will surely appeal to the adrenaline junkie in Leo.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Besides being known for its sporting culture and Tango, the Argentinian capital is also famous for its breathtaking architecture, carnivals and vibrant nightlife, all of which are both inviting and exciting for larger-than-life Leos. This fiery sign will have loads to explore here — right from the oldest bar known in Argentina, Cafe Tortoni to the magnificent opera house, Teatro Colón, which is more than a hundred years old!

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The Swiss Alps, Switzerland

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Leos, picture this: You are sitting in a cosy chalet all snuggled up beside a beautifully built vintage fireplace and sipping hot chocolate or sampling fondue made from the finest local cheese after a fulfilling ride in the picturesque The Glacier Express train plying from the Zermatt to St. Moritz village. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Indulge in peaceful walking tours or exciting activities like paragliding or winter sports to get in touch with your thrill-seeking side.

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Koh Samui, Thailand

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Quaint and paradise-like, no one can resist the charm of this traditional fishing village in Asia. Koh Samui is one of the best places to travel for Leos as they can indulge in endless spa days at the luxurious wellness retreats here. With a wide variety of ultra-colourful flora and fauna, the destination can win over even the most demanding traveller.

Additionally, the boisterous spirits can feel centred and grounded at the numerous old Buddhist temples spread across Thailand’s second-largest island, aligning well with Leo’s travel horoscope.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What are the travel traits for Leo?

Answer: Leos are adventurous and they love luxury settings. A well-planned and opulent retreat at an exotic location is appealing to a Leo.

Question: What zodiac signs make the best travel partners for Leos?

Answer: Other fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius along with the air sign of Gemini and the earth sign of Taurus can be good travel partners for Leo.

Question: What are the best travel destinations for Leos in Europe?

Answer: France, Italy, Greece, and Spain are a few destinations that Leos can explore in Europe.

Question: Is solo travelling good for Leo?

Answer: Leos love attention and hence, they are happiest when travelling with their gang of friends or romantic travel companions. Even if they do travel solo, chances are that they will make new friends on the go!

Question: Is long drive good for Leo?

Answer: Yes, Leos love travelling and long drives can make them feel fulfilled and rejuvenated.

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