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Influencer’s 10-year-old daughter’s savage food reviews go viral

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By Kate Dennett For Daily Mail Australia

02:47 11 Jul 2024, updated 05:38 11 Jul 2024

She is one of Australia’s most popular influencers. 

But Rozalia Russian is getting some competition from her daughter Willow, whose savage restaurant reviews have gone viral.   

Rozalia is currently enjoying a sun-soaked European trip with her husband Nick and their children Willow, 10, and Kingston, six.

The brunette beauty and bar owner Nick have been treating their kids to lavish meals at Michelin-star restaurants while jetting around Italy and France on the trip of a lifetime.

But some of the food choices have left their daughter Willow less than impressed and she has been writing scathing restaurant reviews throughout their holiday.

Rozalia – who got food poisoning from one French restaurant – has been sharing Willow’s hilarious insights, which have left her fans in stitches.

Much like her father Nick, who owns Melbourne‘s popular spot Bar Bambi, Willow has shown a passion for hospitality and could be set to pursue a career as a critic.

The youngster’s latest review came when the family visited Milan’s Ristorante Nabucco, which has earned a four-star online rating from impressed customers.

The Italian restaurant is described as ‘a work of art in the heart of Milan’ and shows off its artful dishes on Instagram, but it did not appear to thrill Willow’s palette.

Rozalia Russian’s daughter Willow – who she shares with her husband Nick – has gone viral for her savage restaurant reviews as she has slammed top eateries around Europe

Though she gave it a generous 8.5/10 rating, she told how her younger brother Kingston had hysterically referred to his chicken cotoletta as a ‘chicken lollipop’.

She went on to describe the food as ‘just OK’.

In her review, she wrote: ‘Nabucco Milano. We got here after looking at mum’s store which was closed LET DOWN. We arrived and got a good table.

‘Drinks: Mum, white wine. Dad, red wine. Kingston, water. Me, water. 

‘Food: Mum, Osso Buco with risotto. Dad, Osso Buco with risotto. Kingston: Chicken Cotoletta. Me, Chicken Cotoletta.

‘While waiting for our food BORING Kingston learned how to use Pinterest and was making his new room in the house but just saved everything so far.

‘His new room is blue, green, orange with a basketball court and slide inside… oh and bunk beds.

‘Kingston refused to eat his because it had a drop of sauce on it and then mum licked it off and then he refused to eat it because mum licked it and called it a chicken lollipop and mum said ACTUALLY IT’S VEAL.

Despite being treated to some of Europe’s most luxurious restaurants, Willow, 10, has been left unimpressed by some of the options and has shared her views in scathing reviews

‘Overall, we had to wait 30 minutes for our food to come, the food was OK not AMAZING OR INCREDIBLE just OK. I rate it 8.5/10.’

It is not the first time the budding food critic has penned a scathing review after previously heaping criticism upon some of Paris’s most well-known restaurants.

After dining at one luxury restaurant in the French capital, Willow described her seafood dish as ‘horrendous’ and told how she had also eaten a ‘weird cheese thing’. 

Rozalia’s fans have been left in stitches by the youngster’s unfiltered insights into some of Europe’s top eateries, which clearly aren’t to the taste of every 10-year-old.

Commenting on her reviews, one fan wrote: ‘Can you extend to keep these coming?’ while another said: ‘My fave travel diaries so far.’

A third penned: ‘I’m now scared to serve Willow, her reviews are brutal,’ and a fourth commented: ‘Yum.. loving her reviews haha.’

The youngster’s latest review came when the family visited Milan’s Ristorante Nabucco, and she told how her brother Kingston had described his dish as a ‘chicken lollipop’ (pictured)

Sisters Amy, Sophie and Kate Taeuber also discussed Willow’s reviews on their Outspoken podcast, admitting restaurant owners must be irritated by her brutal comments.

Of Rozalia and Nick taking their young children to Michelin-star restaurants in the first place, they said: ‘The funniest thing about this is that the swanky restaurants haven’t really been impressing the kids.’

They argued that Willow should start writing her insights on TripAdvisor, after she found issue with the staggering $1,060 (660EUR) price tag at one Paris eatery.

‘I really think Willow should get into TripAdvisor reviews and she should slam the Louvre restaurant,’ they said.

‘It made me laugh because for some reason I got in my head that maybe she had a little notepad that she’s writing this all down in, but she’s keeping a journal on her mum’s notes section of her phone.’

As well as Willow’s disapproval of the luxury spots, Rozalia also suffered from food poisoning after dining at a Michelin-star restaurant near the Lourve in Paris.

Last week, she shared on Instagram that wasn’t very hungry so decided to order a ‘light meal’ of a Salad Nicoise, which she said caused her to become extremely ill.

As well as Willow’s disapproval of the luxury spots, Rozalia also suffered from food poisoning after eating a Salad Nicoise (pictured) at a Michelin-star restaurant near the Lourve in Paris

‘Last night in Paris, we ate here. The view was stunning. I wasn’t starving so I ordered something light and then…. Food poisoning!!’ she wrote.

‘It was our travel day as well. In between being sick I would say 10 times that morning sweating and shivering. I have no idea how I got through airport security, two flights and a car transfer.

‘Would put it up there with one of the worst days of my life! Food poisoning is the pits! See you never tuna.’

Despite being prescribed anti-nausea tablets at the airport, Rozalia confessed she was left feeling incredibly unwell during their travels to Italy.

‘I couldn’t even stand up straight. I had to sit down… My whole body was aching,’ she said. ‘Long story short, it was one of the worst days of my life.’

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