Tuesday, July 16, 2024

‘I’m a psychic who predicted Covid – now I’m sharing England’s Euro 2024 fate’

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Nicolas Aujula, a south London-based therapist and astrologer, reckons he’s been having prophetic visions about England’s fate in their Euros semi against Holland

A psychic has predicted a Saka success(PA)

A psychic with a track record of accurately predicting major events in the future has now revealed the outcome of England’s Euro 2024 match against Holland on Wednesday night.

Nicolas Aujula, a mystic who foresaw the global Covid pandemic revealed his latest prediction on England’s ‘fate’ against the Dutch – including Bukayo Saka’s ‘important’ role.

The south London psychic has been having prophetic visions since he was a teen, claiming he’s had past life flashbacks of being an Egyptian queen and a French Revolution rebel.

According to Aujula, he’s nailed some big predictions before, like the coronavirus outbreak, the Notre Dame blaze, and even the rise of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Aujula has been bang on in the past(PA)

Despite his track record, Nicolas says he doesn’t let success go to his head, preferring to “live (his) life detached from outcomes and overt expectation.”

Getting his insights through dreams or on-demand visions, said he zoned out into “into the peace and quiet” and tapped into his emotions to foresee the football outcome before England’s crunch Euro 2024 semi-final clash with the Dutch.

He’s betting on Arsenal ace Bukayo Saka to grab the limelight and boost his rep. “England player Saka will rise in name and fame, getting better at his game,” he spilled to PA Real Life.

He’s even predicted Trump’s victory(PA Real Life)

He correctly predicted that “(In the next game) Spain will beat France,” and expects that “England will beat Netherlands, Spain will win the Euros. The first half (of the England game) will be tense and the later half is when it gets more interesting.”

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