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HMV set to open ‘Europe’s largest entertainment store’ in Brum

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Suggestions that HMV could be opening a new concept store in Birmingham have today been confirmed by the music giant.

And it turns out it is going to massive! hmv has announced it is planning to open ‘Europe’s largest entertainment store’ right in the heart of Brum.

Covering more than 25,000 sq ft, the shop will feature music, DVDs, books, merchandise – and even a stage for live performances and signing sessions, with weekly performances and meet and greets already being planned.

hmv on Oxford Street, London(Image: James McCauley)


Branded The hmv Vault, the enormous shop will take over the former IKEA Order and Collection store in Dale End. Hopefully, it will breathe new life into this troubled area which has seen a rise in knife crimes in recent months.

A spokesman for hmv said: “In defiance of current trends to close and downsize stores, the move to open over 25,000 sq ft. of retail space is a bold and confident one that reflects the resurgence of the hmv brand.

“The hmv Vault will offer a head-spinning range of music, film, merchandise and tech products in one vast space. The new entertainment store, a nirvana for music and film fans, will be situated at Dale End, close to Birmingham’s city centre.”

Look what happened when The Vamps were at hmv Birmingham in 2016:

The Vamps at HMV Birmingham


“Customers can expect to lose themselves in an unrivalled range of music, where vinyl collectors and enthusiasts will find a huge selection of LPs to pore over as they immerse themselves in thousands of albums in a dedicated vinyl paradise.

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