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“Gift That Keeps On Giving”: Bizarre Run Out Leaves Social Media In Splits. Watch | Cricket News

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ECS Italy T10: Even the commentators couldn’t believe what just unfolded in front of their eyes.© X (Twitter)

The European Cricket Series (ECS) often produces moments that rarely occur in any other franchise based league or international cricket. The latest installment from ECS is a testament to that statement. During an ECS Italy T10 game between Asian Latina and Royal Roma, a bizarre run out turned out to be the deciding factor in the match. With Asian Latina needing two runs in one ball, the batters attempt to force a tie led to heartbreak, handing Royal Roma a narrow one-run win.

Umar Shahzad, who had the ball in his hands for the final over, bowled a wide ball, bringing the equation down to two in one ball.

Shahzad went for the same line on the next delivery in order to stop Khan Saleem, the batter on strike, from making a clean connection with the ball.

Saleem had a full swing at it but failed to touch the ball. The batters tried to force a draw by sneaking in bye, but the keeper’s was up to the task.

He aerially underarmed the ball towards the bowler. However, the ball went throw the legs of the bowler, only to hit the stumps after a deflection.

Saleem was caught well short by the bizarre turn of events as Asian Latina lost the match by one run.

Even the commentators couldn’t believe what just unfolded in front of their eyes.

The incident has now gone viral on social media.

Here are some of the reactions:

The match was played on September 13, and it was the second meeting between the two sides in as many days.

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