Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Funko Europe launches Bitty Pop! Collectibles in July

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Funko Europe is set to create a buzz among collectors with the launch of their highly anticipated Bitty Pop! line, a brand-new micro-sized collectible, across Europe starting from July 1st. Fans can get their hands on these adorable figurines both online at funkoeurope.com and at select retailers.

The Bitty Pop! line made its debut at the London Toy Fair, the UK’s largest dedicated toy, game, and hobby trade and media show, back in January. Visitors were treated to a firsthand look at these small but mighty 7/8″ (2.5cm) figurines, which draw inspiration from Funko’s world-famous Pop! collectibles. The initial release will feature four incredible fan-favorite ranges: Classic Disney characters, Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter, and DC Comics.

Bitty Pop!
Credit: Funko Europe

Malcolm Ottley, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “We’ve always known Bitty Pop! was a huge idea encased in a little form factor since the idea’s infancy. Bitty Pop! will set a new precedent in the collectibles industry, and we are tremendously excited about it! To not only add to our Pop! category family but to give fans around the world another way to express their fandom is really important to us at Funko.”

These innovative new classics will be available as a 4-pack, priced at £13/€16, with each line offering 16 miniature Pop! collectible characters at the initial launch. What’s more, the Bitty Pop! packaging is designed to double as a display shelf, allowing fans to showcase their collection anywhere they please.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own these charming micro-sized collectibles. Get ready to start your Bitty Pop! collection and embrace a new level of fandom with Funko Europe’s latest creation.

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