Monday, June 24, 2024

Free Euro 2024 sweepstake kit download as England squad chase glory in Germany

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After three years of waiting, England will finally get down to business in their bid for Euro 2024 gold next week.

Anyone can win big this summer by investing in a sweepstakes, pitting yourself against friends, family and loved ones alike as Euro 2024 gets underway. And Star Sport has you covered with a downloadable print-out to get the ball rolling.

Just download the file below and print off the official Star Sport sweepstakes, cut the team names out and throw them into a bowl. Then it’s simply a case of deciding your stake and how the winnings will be divided up.

Hosts Germany will kick off the entertainment with a highly anticipated duel against Scotland on Friday, June 14. The tournament then runs for one month ahead of the final at Berlin’s Olympiastadion on July 14.

England will hope to live up to their favourites tag in hope of clinching a landmark title in Germany. But only one can claim the grand prize this summer. . .

What is a sweepstake?

A sweepstake is a scheme usually organised between friends, family or colleagues around a sporting event. Participants usually pay a fee to play and are usually randomly assigned a team – but you can always play for fun and don’t have to use money to compete.

If that team wins their respective tournament then the ‘owner’ of that team claims the prize. The rules can be slightly different depending on the hosts.

There could potentially be runners-up prizes, while semi-finalists have on occasion received their entry fee back. But the main prize is always reserved for the tournament’s winner.

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