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Europe’s fitness trailblazer Laura Horváth is just getting started

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Laura Horváth has taken the first big step on her journey to defend her title as “Fittest Woman on Earth” by winning the European CrossFit Games qualifier.

During the three-day competition in France, 27-year-old Horvath exposed true athleticism and grit. After the first day, she was still in sixth place. On the second day, the Hungarian moved up to second place. Finally, on Sunday, she took the lead and won the gold medal with 570 points.

Holding onto the title takes work

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Laura Horvath stuns the crowd with an incredible hand walk

The participants had to tackle a total of six tasks, which included rowing, hand walking, weight lifting, sprinting and gymnastic elements, so Horváth had to meet a really complex challenge.

“I managed to complete all the tasks as planned, so I felt good,” Horvath said. “The European region is very tough anyway, all the girls are doing very well. We were in a huge arena with a lot of spectators, everyone was shouting and cheering – so the atmosphere was very good. My parents were also there, we celebrated my victory together.”

My goal is clear: I want to defend the title

Rest and then repeat in Fort Worth, Texas

After her win at The French Throwdown, she is now in contention to reclaim her throne as the best fitness athlete on the planet at the CrossFit Games championship, which will be held from August 8-11 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

“It will be in the middle of August, so now we can have a week of rest”, Horváth explains. “Then we will start training for the competition, as my goal is clear: I want to defend the title!”

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Laura Horváth

Hungary’s Laura Horváth is a titan of the fitness training world, named The Fittest Woman on Earth in 2023.

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