Saturday, June 22, 2024

Europe’s best-dressed king – and what King Charles and Prince William are doing wrong

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3. Pick a palette 

Grey, dove, charcoal, black, navy, cocoa and white. Bar the occasional flashes of scarlet, yellow and sky-blue, the former seven hues are the only ones you’ll ever see in King Felipe’s sartorial arsenal. This dogged dedication to tonal simplicity pays dividends for the Spanish king, not least because it ensures we focus on the cut of his garments and, in turn, the quality of his frame – the strength of his shoulder and the swoop of his waist. There are no distractions, save that rakish grin and flattering rash of stubble. 

The British royals, on the other hand, love a spot of rogue colour. A witty tie here, a wayward pink sock there. Which is fine, but to achieve true royal-style dominance, consistency and restraint are key.

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