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Europe tour teaches Shenseea endurance

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Two weeks into Shenseea’s first European tour, the recording artiste shared on social media that she missed her son Rajeiro and posted video clips of the two of them together.

Shenseea told THE STAR, “I really missed him a lot, but thank God for technology because I would go crazy if it wasn’t for that.”

Her travels consisted of 15 show dates across Europe, which started on March 8 in Berlin, Germany, and ended in Toulouse, France, on April 1 with stops in Italy, Spain, and Belgium.

Shenseea returned immediately after the final show on Easter Monday to prepare for carnival. She said that being on tour for one month was the longest she had ever been away from home and, in particular, her child.

“Since I am back, it’s like our bond has got tighter. It’s obvious he missed me, and being loved by someone you love is one of the best feelings ever,” she said. “Video chats every day with Rajeiro kept me grounded; he literally takes me on adventures.”

Romeich Entertainment has been tirelessly reaching out to fans across Europe, and the work is finally paying off with Shenseea gaining new fans.

“I knew I had fans all over the world from my interactions with them on social media, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see the response to me and my songs since being on tour in Europe,” she said.

After the carnival season, Shenseea’s itinerary will have her jetting off to the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

But she is fully prepared to take on the work in spite of having to leave her son.

“He is my biggest motivation. So, he is the reason for me working this hard so I can provide everything we both want,” she said.

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