Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Edinburgh tourists’ bikes stolen within three hours after cycling across Europe

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Edinburgh tourists were devastated after their bikes were stolen from outside their hotel.

Gabriel Landais, 44 and Malika Baron, 31, from Nantes, France, were enjoying cycling around the UK and seeing the sites before they arrived in Edinburgh on Monday, July 8.

After seeing so much of the world thanks to their bikes, Gabriel said it now feels like a ‘part of him’ has been taken.

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He explained that the pair had checked into their accommodation just off Leith Walk but were told they weren’t allowed to store the bikes in their room. Instead, Gabriel and Malika chained them up at the entrance.

After heading out for their first dinner in Edinburgh, the pair came back to find the bikes gone.

He said: “We locked the bike next to the entrance door at 7pm. We went to eat at the Black Fox next to the hotel, and when we came back at 9.30pm, the bikes were gone. It has been a terrible feeling, a lot of material stuff has been taken but also feels like the loss of a close friend.

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