Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Dillgin targets Europe with new album

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Reggae singer Dillgin is hoping that his recently released debut album, ‘Million Miles’, will do well in the European reggae market.

The 14-track album, which features songs such as Shining, Blessings, Basket and the title track, Million Miles, was produced by Dilllgin and released on his Wall Streetz Records imprint a week ago.

“My album is an excellent album. It has the authentic reggae vibes that the people in Europe love, and I’m sure it will do well over there,” he said.

Dillgin is scheduled to visit Europe in April for a month-long tour to promote the album. The tour, which will be his second of the continent, will include appearances in Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Amsterdam.

“I’m looking forward to this tour. I plan to use this opportunity to promote my album as much as possible. I want to make a significant impact on the European reggae scene,” Dillgin said.

The industrious entertainer, who hails from the parish of Trelawny, is also promoting a single titled Still A Work, which was produced by Jimmy Ricks for Insight Records.

“This song is doing very well. It’s getting a lot of support from reggae DJs in the US, Europe, the UK, and Jamaica.”

Dillgin is also working on several news projects, including an album with new EDM music sensation Olaf Blackwood.

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