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Daily horoscope for today, January 28

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Prepare for the day with your horoscope (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

What lies ahead for today, January 28, 2021?

Our daily horoscope is here to help you prepare.

The Full Moon’s arrival brings with it plenty of drama, so expect some conflict today.

Aries, you’ll do well to voice your displeasure, while Leo should make sure to act fast to prevent an issue spiraling out of control.

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  • Scorpio: October 24 to November 22
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  • Pisces: February 20 to March 20

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Expect a touch of drama with the Full Moon encouraging you to vent if something isn’t quite to your liking.

Yet it’s said that it’s the squeaky hinge that gets the oil, so by making your displeasure clear, you will most likely get results.


Home and family affairs may become a priority just when you have something important to accomplish.

Emotions could run high and you might need to placate someone with a promise just so you can move ahead with your other plans.


Whatever needs to be known will be talked about widely as the Full Moon takes place in your sector of communication.

Matters that may have been swept under the carpet could come out into the open, making this a time for discussion.


Although you might need to scramble to sort a financial issue out, you can learn something that benefits you.

On a more passionate note, an ardent Venus-Pluto tie hints at an intensity of emotions that may compel you to share how you feel.


Today’s Full Moon in your sign could ramp up the drama as a situation that’s been simmering comes to a head. If you know what this is then acting sooner rather than later to resolve it might help lessen any fallout.


All you want is some peace yet you might be busier than ever. If your to-do list is taller than you, then something needs to change.

This could be a precursor of things to come, unless you can get organised.


There’s a desire to let your hair down, but as you can’t get out and have a ball, how about a makeshift solo boogie at home?

Put some music on and dance your heart out – and if someone can join you via online video, then so much the better.


Today’s lunar phase in your sector of reputation can make you stand out.

If you have something to promote then you could get a very enthusiastic response. But if you need to share something delicate, this too may soon be doing the rounds.


As Venus aligns with Pluto your desire for an item or experience can ramp up. If it’s something you could buy then you may be willing to pay a high price to own it.

But once you have it, it might lose its appeal. Deep down, you need comforting.


It can be liberating to share your feelings but consider the effect it might have on others.

While Venus aligns with Pluto, she could encourage a no-nonsense approach.

Need to talk? Put yourself in their shoes first as this may help.


Today’s Full Moon in your sector of relating can fuel relationship dramas and coincide with intense interactions.

It’s one of those times when the smallest thing could trigger an emotional meltdown.


Lunar ties to Saturn and Uranus encourage you to draw closer to someone.

This could be a romantic bond but it might also be a developing friendship where you feel good in this person’s company.

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