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Daily horoscope for August 8: Your star sign, astrology and zodiac

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Expansive and optimistic, a Moon transit can inspire spontaneity to step out of your comfort zone and think outside of the box. It leads nicely into this evening’s cycle in driven Capricorn, which can help bring this morning’s goals and ambitions to fruition. reveals your , star sign reading, and zodiac forecast for August 8.

The Moon will move from adventurous Sagittarius into Capricorn at 7.39pm BST. 

Cafe Astrology said: “While the Sagittarius Moon is exploratory, we can be quite determined, resolved, and goal-oriented with the Moon in Capricorn. 

“We seek order and structure in our lives.” 

However, when the Sun forms a trine to the “wounded healer” Chiron, it’ll encourage a holistic approach to problem-solving, according to Cafe Astrology.

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It said: “There can be opportunities to learn, grow, and improve, mainly through spontaneity, self-assertion, and courage.

“With less concern about who’s right or wrong, we’re open to learning and growing. 

Egos will take the back seat, which sets up a good space to make real progress.

Respect will be in the right places, and the chance to find a sense of purpose or a “mission” is more likely to arise during this period, according to Cafe Astrology.

This transit can stir a greater chance of confrontations or events that can bring complicated feelings and fears to the fore. 

Cafe Astrology said: “It’s possible we make uncomfortable discoveries now, and while some of these can ultimately help us, we may be pushing too far for answers. 

“We should watch for manipulative behaviour that can arise from insecurities or fear of betrayal.” 

The void Moon will occur from 11.31am BST, with the Moon’s last aspect (a square to Neptune) before changing signs to Capricorn.

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