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Daily horoscope for August 12: Your star sign, astrology and zodiac

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The Full Sturgeon Supermoon in  takes place in the early hours of this morning, beckoning a period of transformation for the new lunar transit. As inspiring and bold as this Moon might be, it can unearth some uneasy revelations. Express.co.uk reveals your , star sign reading, and zodiac forecast for August 12.

Author and Moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher said: “In the same way as the triple conjunction did, the energy around this Full Moon may feel uncomfortable, heavy, chaotic, confusing and there may be some big emotions coming to the surface.”

While working with the triple conjunction and the Saturn-Uranus square energies, the Full Moon might initially make things seem worse than they really are.

However, as one of the more forward-facing and independent signs of the zodiac, expect Aquarius-inspired progressive thoughts and a fresh perspective to help dismantle any negativity.

As the day draws on, different planet alignments might make certain situations feel more intense.

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Cafe Astrology said: “While we’re generally more objective with an Aquarius Moon, the Moon’s square to Mars this morning fires up our feelings and stirs up our need for action, activity, and challenges.”

Sharing its name with the Roman god of war, the fighter planet Mars represents a strong will and an even sharper focus.

Astrology King said: “A Moon square Mars transit gives an insatiable need to meet your passionate desires.

“But dynamism and a fighting spirit to succeed can make you short-tempered.

Astrology TV said: “When the Moon transits Pisces, we all get to feel some of that emotional overwhelm.

“These are the most sensitive days of the monthly cycle, but also some of the most ethereal and mysterious, almost magical at times.”

A Pisces Moon exudes all of the typical energies the emotional zodiac sign pertains to; sensitivity, compassion, generosity, and wisdom.

However, it’s also one of the least confrontational signs of the zodiac, so you might find it hard to face up to things, especially if it makes you uncomfortable, during this period.

Cafe Astrology said: “We might avoid confrontations or challenging situations with this Moon transit.”

The void Moon occurs from 12:08pm with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs, a square to Mars.

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