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Capital with Europe’s most reliable glorious weather is great for soggy Brits

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A sunsoaked capital in Europe offers the most reliable good weather all year-round, with 300 days of sun and it is only three hours from the UK with loads to do

Valletta, the capital of Malta, boasts the hottest weather all year round(Getty Images)

Valletta is know for its year-round hot temperatures and lack of rainfall, making it the ideal European city break for Brits as they enter what could be the wettest summer in over 100 years.

In 2021, a study conducted by Uswitch.com revealed that the capital of Malta had the most predictable weather year round and therefore making it a reliable destination for tourists looking to banished the British gloom and embrace some sun.

While over the past few years there has been a few different studies analysing different weather conditions in Europe, there appears to be a general consensus that Valletta, Malta, boasts the hottest weather all-year-round.

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Malta enjoys 300 days of sun a year(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Across the year, Valletta never experience freezing temperatures, with the average low temperature in January being nine degrees Celsius and the average low temperature in summer a toasty 19 degrees Celsius. Rainfall in Valletta is also uncommon, with it being highest in November with an average rainfall of 2.6 inches.

The city’s reliable weather makes it a great option for travelling out of season, especially around springtime where the weather is warm but not boiling, you’d still be able to swim, and there would be fewer tourists. Alternatively, if you love the heat then Valletta is ideal to visit now; throughout July and August the city experiences its hottest weather.

Whatever time of year you go to Valletta, you are almost guaranteed better weather than the UK as the city and surrounding islands enjoy 300 days of sun a year.

One of the best ways to soak up the sun in Valletta is by heading to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. Full of historical statues and monuments, these gardens offer the perfect balance of plant life and ocean views. Looking out across the Grand Harbour, visitors can enjoy wandering around the garden’s Mediterranean plant collections, including a Dragon Blood tree which is over 250-years-old.

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