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Bounty apologises for postponed Europe tour

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Legendary dancehall artiste Bounty Killer was recently forced to cancel his upcoming tour of Europe after facing several difficulties during the organising process. According to the artiste, who is currently unable to travel to the US, he was hoping to at least reconnect with his fans in Europe.

“I want to sincerely apologise to all my fans in Europe, and specifically Holland, who were looking forward to seeing me on the Sun Dance Festival this Saturday and the following concerts. I just want to say circumstances have arisen that is beyond my control, so I won’t be able to attend and I am sorry about that,” he said.

The artiste also cleared up allegations that his tour was cancelled as a result of fraudulent booking.

“I just want to make it clear to everybody. This is a legitimate booking, it was a legitimate tour that was planned. So I don’t want nobody to be yelling and saying, oh that was a fraud promoter or fraud agency. No, it was a legitimate tour that was planned, but just never materialised, and I want to make that clear. It was simply circumstances beyond our control,” he said.

The artiste also said he is willing to reschedule the tour so as to fulfil his obligations before Christmas 2016. “As everybody know, I haven’t been travelling a lot recently, and when all of the world shuns you and turn their back on you, Europe is always there for Jamaican artistes – dancehall, reggae and gospel. Europe is our second home for music, so I sincerely apologise to all my fans. Everybody knows that I am not travelling a lot in recent times, so when a little opportunity comes along, I really want to travel; I love my country and I love my fans and I love my work. I know that I have to travel and spread the word … I was really really looking forward to going to Europe, but what can I do? It’s circumstances beyond my control. Mi haffi just live with it … the booking was not a fraud and I am not a no-show artiste,” he said.

Bounty Killer also used social media as a platform to apologise to his European fans.

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