Monday, June 17, 2024

BBC vs ITV at Euro 2024: Battle of the broadcasters – our verdict

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Perhaps you have England vs Serbia circled on your wallchart as the most exciting fixture in the group stages Euro 2024. You could make an argument for Scotland’s return on the opening night against the hosts, the faded heavyweight pedigree of Spain vs Italy or the near-identical flag derby of Belgium vs Romania.

Yet there is one ancient rivalry which trumps any drawn out of felt bags in Hamburg last December, the eternal conflict between BBC and ITV. As with every tournament, Euro 2024 is a battle of the broadcasters. Which has the edge in our six key categories?


No one has done more to test the limits of supposed BBC neutrality than its main football presenter. You may not be in agreement politically with Gary Lineker, but he knows what he is doing as a sport anchor. He will also be 67 by the time of the next Euros, so if he is not to your tastes you may not have long to wait for a new face. Mark Chapman has served a long and accomplished apprenticeship, although Alex Scott is the presumed heir. Gabby Logan completes a talented and deep team.

Only two specialist presenters in the ITV plans announced so far but you will not find many better than Mark Pougatch and Laura Woods, both capable of easing into the background and pushing for more from their pundits as the situation dictates.

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