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Athletics takes the lead in Ireland’s Family Fitness Festival – EUROPE | NEWS | World Athletics

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Athletics will play a leading role in entertaining Irish families in an event tailored for people of all ages.

On Sunday, 31 July, Athletics Ireland, in partnership with corporate and public organisations, will promote the Family Fitness Festival – a celebration of healthy lifestyle through Athletics where everybody is invited and participation is free.

In addition to activities tailored for children – e.g. little Athletics, running, jumping, throwing, orienteering, etc. – organisers have engaged Ireland’s latest world champion, Kate Veale, to be the Festival’s Ambassador and special guest at this year’s edition.

Even though the event is free of charges, all participants must register through the festival’s website in order to be allowed to join in the activities. Organisers have also encouraged club secretaries to take this opportunity to promote their clubs and eventually canvass for new members. Both initiatives may lead to an increase of participants throughout the country.

The Family Fitness Festival is a great display of commitment towards the spirit of the Athletics’ World Plan as the event not only positions Athletics as the principle means of achieving good health and fitness, but it also broadens the reach of the sport to new segments of society and ensures that appropriate and well targeted development programmes are available for everyone in Ireland.

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