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Aduro Clean Technologies Expands Presence in Europe, Establishing Subsidiary in the Netherlands

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Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. (“Aduro” or the “Company”), a Canadian technology company using the power of chemistry to transform lower value feedstocks, like waste plastics, heavy bitumen, and renewable oils, into resources for the 21st century, is excited to announce the establishment of its European subsidiary Aduro Clean Technologies Europe BV (“ACTE”), based in Geleen, Netherlands.

Aduro is excited to announce the establishment of its European subsidiary Aduro Clean Technologies Europe BV (“ACTE”), based in Geleen, Netherlands. Image Credit: Aduro

The formation of ACTE marks an important expansion of Aduro’s international footprint, demonstrating the Company’s dedication to its global growth strategy. ACTE will serve as Aduro’s European hub and a conduit for achieving strategic goals in the region. The Netherlands was selected due to the Company’s robust regional relationships, including its successful partnerships with Brightlands Chemelot Campus (“Brightlands”) and Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (“CHILL”).

ACTE will focus on advancing the Hydrochemolytic process for plastics upcycling (“HPU”) within the European market with the primary goal of constructing a future demonstration unit at the Brightlands site, showcasing the Company’s patented Hydrochemolytic platform technology for tackling hard-to-recycle mixed plastics, mainly those rejected from other processes such as mechanical recycling. The Company is engaging in partnership discussions with local stakeholders on the project.

A Europe-based subsidiary aligns with Aduro’s strategic business plan, which outlines the expansion into key international markets. In line with this vision, Aduro plans to progress on the following objectives once preliminary data from the pilot-scale Hydrochemolytic continuous flow plastic unit are available, and a local team is onboarded.

  • Establish dynamic engagement with Europe-based stakeholders to facilitate robust partnerships, stimulate customer engagement, and propel corporate development.
  • Build a consortium of local partners to support the buildout of our regional demonstration unit and accelerate the commercialization of HPU.
  • Leverage local and European government grants, to support the demonstration and commercialization of our patented technology.
  • Form alliances with local service providers, including engineering companies, feedstock suppliers, and offtake vendors.

Aduro has already initiated the process of assembling the European team and is in advanced discussions to bring on board key personnel. The European team is expected to have a significant impact on the implementation of the Company’s strategy in Europe and globally, aligning with its business plan of becoming a global leader in the sustainable transformation of waste plastics, heavy bitumen, and renewable oils.

“Establishing a European hub is a significant stride in our strategic journey,” said Ofer Vicus, CEO of Aduro. “It will not only allow us to better engage and serve our stakeholders in the region but also act as a catalyst for several strategic goals we have in Europe. We are enthusiastic about the promising outlook our new hub fosters, emphasizing our dedication to advancing our technology, nurturing partnerships, and engaging with stakeholders across Europe. We are very grateful for the collaborative partnerships we have already formed in the Netherlands such as the one we have with Brightlands, and we look forward to continuing to work together with our partners and to strengthen new regional partnerships to advance the circular economy and promote sustainable practices.”

“Brightlands Chemelot Campus is proud to welcome Aduro Clean Technologies, a company that shares our vision for a sustainable future. Their innovative approach to transforming waste plastics into valuable resources is a testament to the power of chemistry and technology. We are excited to see how their presence will enrich our campus and contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices in Europe,” said Karen Scholz, Business Development Manager at Brightlands Chemelot Campus.


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