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9 bucket list trips in Europe that everyone should do in their lifetime

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Visiting Iceland’s Westfjords
Charley Ward, commerce writer

“I had a short stint working at a tourist magazine in Iceland in 2017, where I would find myself jetting off here, there and everywhere to cover various sights before returning to my Reykjavik base a few days later. It was a wonderful experience, but the frenetic nature of my zigzags across the country means there are still large patches I’ve yet to explore – including the wild, ethereal landscapes of the Westfjords. I’d spend a day exploring the dramatic, biodiverse landscapes at the remote Hornstrandir Nature Reserve before heading over to the towering waterfall Dynjandi, a 328-foot thundering veil of water that fans out over the rocks as it hits the pool below. Of course, there would have to be a spell in the hot springs and a trip to one of the many fjords, but also to the beach: this highly volcanic island is known for its striking black sandy shores, but the Westfjords is home to Raudasandur, which swaps the usual charcoal sand for that with a pinky-reddish tinge. It’s here, I’m told, you’ll find some of the best whale-watching opportunities around, too.”

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