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Your Weekly Horoscope Says a Venus Cazimi Is Turning Up the Love & Lust

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Your horoscope for the week of August 13 to 19 represents a major turning point in the cosmos. Prepare for revelations surrounding your relationships, finances, and even your self-esteem. You’re turning over a new leaf and learning how to let the love in.

The vibes this week are hot and heavy, but also some very necessary healing. After all, Venus has been retrograding for the past few weeks, pulling away the curtain on our lives, unmasking our relationships, and showing us how to cultivate our own authentic values. On August 13, a Venus cazimi will sparkle in the Leo sun, letting the exalted light flow through the broken cracks of our hearts (and our piggy banks). Venus rules both love and luxury, which means this cazimi could bring blessings in both money and affections. By August 15, the Leo sun will square unpredictable Uranus, encouraging us to break free from constrictions and be there to catch unexpected inspiration when it arrives.

A glorious new moon in Leo will douse the world in brights colors and warmer intentions. Taking place on August 16, this new moon is a beautiful opportunity to breathe fire into your creative goals, romantic desires, and your overall self-love. This new moon wants you to take up space; to let your heart be seen the way it deserves to be seen. As Mars in Virgo forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus, you will feel inspired to go boldly where you may never have gone before.

Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming week, according to your sun and/or rising sign (and seriously, you’re missing out if you don’t read these horoscopes for your rising sign):

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