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Your ultimate astrology guide to 2023

Aries March 20 – April 19

You’re inquisitive, happy to plunge into the unfamiliar and tend to explore all options with wide-eyed glee. These characteristics will stand you in good stead for the first half of 2023 which is all about the new: new people, places and, yes, new challenges. It’s not all excitement — the first half of this year may well force you to focus on activities you once deemed dull. My advice? Get involved — this is a path to significant breakthroughs. Fortunate Jupiter is in your sign until May 16, so the timing for exploration is brilliant. After that, the focus shifts — it’s all about the impact of these developments and explorations. At this time, you might be called upon to make some detailed analyses — which you always try to avoid. Push through your natural tendencies: pause, take stock, comb through the finer points.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘More speed, less haste’. You think rushing things saves time but it costs in other ways. Play it cool and you’ll enjoy each twist and turn.

Your lucky dates: March 2, when Venus, planet of love and money, meets fortunate Jupiter in Aries. September 29, enjoy the passionate Aries Full Moon.

Taurus April 20 – May 20

For you, Taurus, 2023 is about breakthroughs. The trick? Letting go, be that of your past, or of future plans which are no longer serving you. You want to stick with the familiar, but trust destiny’s plan, which, this year, is about thinking, living and, possibly, loving very differently. If in doubt, plunge in (you can always rethink things later). The more chances you take, the more excitement, if not breakthroughs you’ll experience in return. Of course, it will be challenging at first. You’d prefer to stick with the familiar. Soon, however, you’re thrilled by what’s coming your way. May is pivotal, with fortunate Jupiter moving into Taurus, on the 16th, triggering a year-long cycle of luck. Add the New Moon, on May 19, and you may suddenly find yourself saying ‘yes’ to everything — if only as an experiment. These experiences and encounters encourage you to be bold, breaking away from familiar habits. Suddenly you’ll actually enjoy taking chances, personally and out in the world. Be inspired by your fellow Taurean Adele, and lead with your heart and passion. The secret? Keep in mind, your world’s becoming a broader and more exciting place.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Act now, think later’: Say a bold ‘yes’ first and the details can be worked out afterwards. 

Your lucky dates: March 10, your ruler Venus meets fortunate Jupiter, kickstarting a year of amazing ideas and offers.

Gemini May 21 – June 20

Finally, the stars are organising life to suit you. Twists in existing plans, plus sudden offers that force you to ask lots of questions, add magic to 2023 for you and fellow Gemini Venus Williams. The way to make the most of it is to try everything but commit to nothing — at least, not too swiftly.  The turning point? The powerful and positive Gemini New Moon on June 18. By then you’ll be far more excited about breaking away from even familiar elements, even if you’re unsure what’s next. The trick? Spend time in places and around people that inspire you and broaden your horizons. Be inspired and take chances in everything from your everyday life to future plans. Make a list, and ensure it includes dreams you would once have regarded as impossible. During 2023, they’ll be within your reach.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Dream big’: Every day, take a chance, even if it’s taking a new route home or eating something unfamiliar or too exotic. 

Your lucky dates: March 28, when your ruler Mercury stages a rare meeting with fortunate Jupiter, that kick-starts a thrilling cycle of discovery?

Cancer June 21 – July 22

Once you understand the year’s first half is about decluttering your life, of possessions but, equally of outdated passions, you’ll do exactly that — and say a big ‘whew’ to yourself. As you and fellow Cancerian Ariana Grande will find — every passing month will leave you freer to dream and to make those dreams a reality. This includes rethinking your way of living, working and pursuing passions that once seemed self-indulgent. Feeling uneasy? Take it slowly. Turning points? Learning to ensure family know you care but, equally, to put yourself first. The Cancer New Moon on July 17, combined with fortunate Jupiter accenting broadening your horizons, via people, places and new passions. Be bold, if not actually greedy in terms of what you do, and future plans.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Take a chance’. If in doubt, remember all the times you’ve regretted not taking a chance. This time, plunge in first, think about it later. 

Your lucky dates: May 15, when courageous Mars links to inspirational Neptune; what you do and who you meet will be life-changing.

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Leo July 23 – August 22

Few things annoy you more than those whose inability to commit to a plan prevents you from getting on with your life. This year’s secret is to ignore them and take action anyway. Yes, it could mean going it alone or a top-to-bottom rethink. Go for it. Within days you’ll recognise it as a breakthrough. That, in turn, will get you thinking about other possibilities. With fortunate Jupiter accenting breakthroughs for all of 2023, plunge in. And ensure your dreams come first. If others question the wisdom of them, make like fellow Leo Jennifer Lopez — dazzle them with a smile, then tell them to wait and see what amazing events come your way.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘If you believe it, you can achieve it’. You have a revolutionary way of thinking but often forget your gift for inspiring others — do it. The more often the better. 

Your lucky dates: June’s late half, when Venus and passionate Mars link in Leo, fulfilling dreams and kickstarting new passions

Virgo August 23 – September 22

Before things come together this year, you’ve lots of decluttering to do — of both possessions and outdated passions. You pride yourself on sticking with challenges, so struggle to recognise when it’s time to move on. Remember, though, the first time you let something go is a struggle but after that, you’ll be able to move on swiftly and, soon, with enthusiasm. This year, this might range from personal matters (fellow Virgo Prince Harry springs to mind in this respect) to more worldly activities, including work. The secret? Recall times in the past when change was a positive in your life. From May onward you’re benefiting from fortunate Jupiter magic. From that point you’re encouraged to be bold and take chances. You’ll only regret what you didn’t do, not what you did. Need a boost? Ask those who’re champions at creating breakthroughs to coach you.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Embrace the unexpected’. View each day as a new opportunity, and plunge in. 

Your lucky dates: June 4, when your ruler Mercury meets Uranus, triggering breakthroughs that keep you busy all year long.

Libra September 23 – October 22

Early in 2023 you’ll be faced with a series of tricky situations. Some involve making personal but complex decisions. They’ll be tough but you’ll handle them wisely. Then you move into matters involving others and begin a complex and often frustrating journey. Charming Libras — like Will Smith — will find it challenging to acknowledge that they simply can’t make everybody happy. But once you do, it will free you to do your best. This will probably happen around August 27, when forthright Mars moves into Libra and, finally, you say exactly what you’re thinking. Within months you’re making plans without worrying about others.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘You can’t please everyone’. It’ll be a life-changing realisation. Suddenly you’re living by your ‘rules’, not trying to keep others happy. 

Your lucky dates: 2 March, your ruler Venus meets fortunate Jupiter; the Libra New Moon on 14 October triggers a fresh start

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

After a year of unsettling and, often, unwelcome twists and turns, you begin 2023 hoping for breakthroughs. They’re coming. However, you’ve some decluttering to do, partly involving possessions but, even more, regarding certain long-standing plans (or indeed passions). While no sign is more determined than Scorpio, life in 2023 is about letting go. This doesn’t mean giving up — as you and fellow Scorpio Emma Stone will find, it’s about clearing the way for what’s next, even though it won’t seem that way at the time. The secret? Think of times when you battled similar changes, only to discover how thrilling the next steps would be. It’s the same now. The real challenge? Giving in to destiny which has your best interests at heart.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Change is good’.

Your lucky dates: The last half of 2023 with Jupiter and Uranus accenting ideas and offers — what’s good just gets better.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

As a fire sign, you’re passionate about life and thrive on new experiences (look at fellow Saggitarian Brad Pitt, who expanded into a whole raft of new careers last year). 2023’s first half will bring lots of that similar energy your way. While you’ll have no problem plunging in, those around you might advise caution. If they do, be bold. It’s worth taking chances. Long range plans? Wait until mid-year, when the facts are clear, enough for you to make lasting decisions. Some are about what must go, others about yet more changes. Finding a balance between caution and risks will itself be a worthwhile challenge.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Listen to your intuition’. Regard ‘advice’ as a forbidden word; neither listen to nor offer it.

Your lucky dates: The events and insights the last week of 2023 bring you will be more than worth waiting for.

Capricorn December 22 – January 19

For the past few years, you — and fellow goats, like Dolly Parton — have wrestled with the innovations going on in the world around you. The good news is you’re discovering how much you’ve learnt, so approach 2023 with an eagerness to explore. Then, mid-year, Saturn’s move into idealistic Pisces will capitalise on this spirit. While, initially, it’ll be unsettling, gradually you’ll discover a new, and often astonishingly inspiring desire to explore new ideas, and often blend them with your passion for worldly achievement. 

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Aaah! I seee!’ Finally, you get it. Instead of worrying about changes, from March onwards, when your ruler Saturn is in intuitive Pisces, you become the change. 

Your lucky dates: Any day you say farewell to old, cautious ways.

Aquarius January 20 – February 17

No sign has a clearer sense of innovation than Aquarius — just look at Harry Styles. However, with tough Saturn positioned in your sign for part of the year and uncompromising Pluto moving into Aquarius in March, you might find yourself surfing the tides of change in your personal life. While you have an instinctive understanding of how to navigate these, discussing these or making them part of your life will, at times, be puzzling. Since these are about breakthroughs for humanity itself, you’re probably better informed then others. The secret? Learn from experiences and if others demand a detailed explanation, change the subject.

Your mantra for 2023: ‘Talk less, take chances more.’ As a chatty air sign, you talk yourself into, and out of, life-changing options regularly. 2023 is about plunging in to plans, ideas and changes — and discussing the reason why later.  

Your lucky dates: Every day you say ‘yes’ to the unexpected is a lucky day.

Pisces February 18 – March 19

2023 will take you — and fellow Piscean Rhianna — into new, exciting (and often unsettling) territory. It’s time to put long-neglected dreams or, possibly, new passions first. In doubt? Say ‘yes’ to destiny first, and think about the details later. Worried about finalising plans? Don’t. This year is about re-inventing your way of living. All of which means putting yourself first. Others might complain you’re neglecting them but invest time in explaining what they need to look after themselves, then leave them to it. This year is about achieving your own goals and living the passionate life you’ve already dreamt of.

Your mantra for 2023: “I’ve never done this before — it’s time to give it a try.” 

Your lucky dates: February 20, when the Pisces New Moon brings the events, and insights, that kickstart a year of life-changing experience.