Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Your August Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Joining Venus In Retrograde 😅

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This month, like many months for you, is about self-improvement and working hard. But August may also bring some important connections into your life, Virgo, so remember to stay open, starting with the full moon in Aquarius on the 1st. You are like a sponge soaking up this full moon energy, open to all sorts of new ideas, rituals, and self-care practices. Consider learning a new skill or joining a new yoga studio, gym, or wellness center during this time. Being around other people working as hard as you toward their personal goals will only further inspire you to reach yours.

On the 23rd, the sun enters your sign, and Mercury, the planet of communication, also goes retrograde in your sign. Lucky for you, you’re one step ahead (as usual!) and have already been focused on your schedule and routines, so any funky Mercury energy may be thwarted. Use this time to set your plans into action—nothing can stop you, Virgo!

At the end of the month, the full moon in Pisces further highlights your desire for community and deep friendships with like-minded people. Put yourself out there–you never know who might enter your life and change it for the better…

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