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Will Paris Attack by ISIS Lead To World War III? – Times of India

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You had written about the attacks on Paris way back in1999, based on Nostradmus predictions. While some of these trends are very accurate, they are also scary at the same time. Do these predictions say something more concrete?
Religious wars, culminating in the struggle for supremacy between faiths, are visualised by Nostradamus. Inter sectional warfare among the Mohammedans is also predicted.Many battles between Muslims and Christians are being predicted by Nostradamus… the ruin of Cyprus, Bombs at night in France and Germany shall cause great destruction.
An invasion will strike France by an eastern people coming through Italy, utilising the air, sea and snow. A series of aerial bombardments shall devastate France and extend to Malta and Sardinia. Agde, in France, will be the entering point for foreign propaganda, eventually conquering the entire country. There shall be widespread destruction in France in March – the cities mentioned are Montauban, Nismes, Avignon and Besier. In France, Naples, Sicily, Sez and Ponce, and in Germany, towards the Rhine and Cologne, there shall be great damage to sacred monuments of art and religion and there will religious troubles in these places followed by death inflicted by the Muslims. One year before Italy enters World War III, Paris will be overwhelmed by a terrific onslaught of atomic powered rockets.
According to Nostradmus, by when will these ISIS and terror activities end? Meanwhile, which other countries will be affected?
This is a long religious war, spanning through a time period of 70 years which has commenced from 1999. A brutal war between the Orient and the Occident, and horrible consequences thereof are predicted repeatedly near Rome. An Asiatic power shall come to France by way of Armeni and Turkey and Constantinople will be governed by one of his tools. ( this shows threat to Turkey, who is also involved in war against ISIS, it may eventually fall to ISIS rulership). Great persecution of the Catholic Church is indicated and its temples will also be despoiled by the Arabs and Poles. One year before Italy enters World War III, Paris will be overwhelmed by a terrific onslaught of atomic powered rockets.
It is also predicted that a leader from Morocco ( Mohammedan law) shall come and cause great grief to Spain and conquer it, will however be friendly with the Italians. The earth shall tremble by the pounding of massive weapons, there shall be a shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt shall tremble under the Mohammedan influence. The Pope is warned to stay close to Rome. Christian ideals will be overcome by Oriental ideology, they will be attacked by the sea, there will be about a million people gathered near Persia when Turkey and Egypt shall invade and Mars, Jupiter and Venus shall be in Leo then.
Does this mean that Turkey and Egypt shall also fall to the ISIS? (the above astrological combination has already happened in September 2015)
The Romans will be defeated in a battle with Turkey, and will request aid from other Italian cities that shall refuse; they shall then appeal to the French leader. But there is hope, a French ruler will go to Constantinople and break this barbarous League and Christian principles shall triumph over Mohammedan law.
Paris will be troubled by flooding waters and during the same period there will lot of unrest in the East. A Persian leader will oppress Turkey. An Arab confederacy shall fall of its own weight and a new Jordan and Palestine shall occupy the place of Syria. A terrific artillery fire shall shake the earth and England shall be most affected, the war shall spread to the ends of the earth, and on an Easter Day, a great Cathedral will be hit by a bomb.
After a period of much trouble, all the races in the world shall lose their prejudices and be one. The people of Northern Europe shall unite against those of the East and the actual battle shall take place near Turkey. In 2028, there shall be a complete change in the lineup of nations.
A fearful bombardment shall fall on parts of Italy and Austria destroying two thirds of the population. A Utopian Age shall come into being in the course of time, but not without pain.
There shall be a military revolution in Russia which will change their form of government and they will grow into a great power and invade many countries.(This seems true in the wake of Russia sending forces to Syria recently and attacking Ukraine and annexing Crimea).In 2025, China having completed their industrial and economic expansions will absorb the whole of Northern Russia and Scandinavia. Meanwhile, Flora in Italy will be affected by a fight in which no religion will be spared. On the other hand, Cahors, Moissac, Russec and Lectore in the Province of Guyenne, France shall be involved in an inter city war.

What are going to be the safe and unsafe areas of the world according to Nostradamus?

Nostradamus has spoken of floods occurring in the Middle East that will inundate Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy as well. Also, a new land shall be seen near Syria, Jordan and Israel. The end will start with movements across the west coast of America, Los Angeles and San Francisco which will be first destroyed. The North Atlantic seaboard will not be as disturbed as the West Coast. Poseidia will be the first portion to rise from the Atlantis, in the Pacific. South America will be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end by earthquakes and portions of New York State and perhaps whole of New York will disappear. Carolina, Albama, Georgia and Connecticut will be submerged and large portions of Japan will go under the sea. Safe areas would be Ihio, Virginia, southern or eastern Canada, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia Beach. The upper portion of Europe will be changed so that the battlefields of World War III will be oceans, seas and bays.
The Arctic and Antarctic circle will also be touched by upheavals from eruptions of volcanoes brought about by the shifting of poles. The sea lanes shall also be affected, especially near Syria, Libya, Egypt along with Persina Gulf, Australia and the Indian Ocean.

What will be India’s role in the war against terror? Will India also be affected? What care should be taken and in which areas?

Nostradamus says when Mars, Mercury and Moon are joined together, there shall be drought and earthquake at the bottom of Asia, and from India, a great movement shall spread, much to the surprise of Christianity, Corinthians and Ephesians. Religion of the name of the seas ( Hindustan)… named after Hind Mahasagar or Indian Ocean that is India, shall come against the sect of Caitifs of the Moon ( Muslims) the deplorably obstinate sect, shall be afraid, of the two wounded by A and A.
The Caitifs of the moon indicates the Arab nation and the phrase A and A means America, there will be a struggle between the opposing philosophies of the two groups. It could also mean that India shall join America in that effort. There is nothing written by Nostradamus which says that India will suffer from ISIS, however, under no circumstances should India lead a joint expedition or war against terror under the United Nations banner as that would certainly be inviting the ISIS to do terror in India.

If all this indeed has been predicted by Nostradamus before, why can’t these events be avoided?

Nostradamus has said that if his warnings be heeded, dangers can be avoided, he specially keeps warning France repeatedly as he himself was a Frenchman. For example, he says, “Due to traitors within her gates, ruin will fall upon Paris, and this fight of inhabitants will result in a deserted city.” He says that due to negligence of the French, “a passage would be opened to followers of Mahomet, an Arab Mohammedan Confederacy dominated by Mohammedan Church, which shall find an entry into geo politics largely through French aid.” These are clear hints for France to tighten up its security. However, what can Nostradamus do when the government is lax and ISIS and terrorists are allowed to enter Europe in disguise of refugees?

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