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Wanna Know The Ideal Country Each Zodiac Sign Should Move To Based On Astrology? We Find Out

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Wondering which country you should move to based on your zodiac sign? We list the place that would suit each sun sign’s vibe the most, according to astrology, and be the best for them to reside in.

The Best Country For Each Zodiac Sign To Live In

Aries: New Zealand

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New Zealand is full of opportunities for adventure-lovers, which is perfect for the outdoorsy, thrill-seeking Aries. This is not one of the countries where there’s a culture of overworking, so Arians can spend enough time focusing on other fun activities, living a well-balanced and active lifestyle.

Taurus: Australia

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Earth sign Taurus is ruled by the five senses, so this sign would never truly be happy in a place which isn’t rich in natural beauty, good food, and clear skies. That’s why they would love living in Australia, where the wine is great, produce is fresh, beaches are lovely, and there’s an inherent acceptance of living along with animals and other natural beings organically.

Gemini: South Korea

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Easily-bored Gemini loves being in the thick of action, and there’s no place trendier and more fun than South Korea, particularly a city like Seoul. Learning a new language, keeping abreast of the latest music and fashion trends, immersing oneself in a new culture and having an active social life make living in this city perfectly suited for Geminis.

Cancer: Canada

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Cancer needs security before all else, so they would be most comfortable moving to a place which provides good healthcare, isn’t riddled with political problems, and also has job opportunities. Canada ticks all those boxes. Plus, since Cancer is quite a homebody and patriot, the presence of lots of Indians there can prevent them from being too homesick.

Leo: Spain

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Glamourous Leos like fashion, parties, fun, and vibrant culture, making Spain the spirited country they would feel happy in. Whether it’s their love for football, various dance forms, museums full of the works of iconic artists, or gorgeous architecture, creative fire sign Leo would love all the many facets of Spanish culture, and be very inspired here.

Virgo: Singapore

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Many find Singapore too manicured and stern for their taste, but organised, neat, and sensible Virgos would be appreciative of the cleanliness, rules, and methodical ways in which this country functions. Not only does the place have good work opportunities for this career-focused sign, but there are also enough party and sightseeing options in and near Singapore for when they want to let their hair down.

Libra: France

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Librans love all things posh, so fancy France would totally be their cup of tea. Not only would the fashion and classic European architecture match their aesthetics, but the intellectual vibe of Paris would also complement their scholarly nature. Plus, the beauty of Provence, the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, and the luxurious holidays in Corsica have Libra written all over them.

Scorpio: Iceland

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Not many can handle the cold like Scorpios can, who seek calm and tranquillity. They wouldn’t mind moving to a relatively untouched place like Iceland, which is full of interesting possibilities. The forbidding yet beautiful landscapes of black beaches, vast meadows of green and bubbling hot springs are almost like a metaphor for this sign’s inner life.

Sagittarius: Indonesia

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Sagittarians love escaping the drudgery of daily life and travelling to unwind, which is why Indonesia is a great place for them to move to. They can hop off to the many beautiful islands in the country on the weekends, exploring Bali, Komodo Island, Gili Islands, and more. The varied landscapes, ranging from pristine beaches and jagged cliffs, to lush forests and gorgeous temples, make this a country even easily jaded Sagittarians can’t get sick of.

Capricorn: United Kingdom

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If Capricorns were an accent, they’d be a posh British one. This sign’s whole vibe is like a Burberry trench on a gloomy day. They like history, but also enjoy cosmopolitan cities where there is a thriving art, music, and theatre scene, making London just the place they’d feel right at home in. This discerning sign likes growing and learning, so they’d like to be in a place which is a melting pot of different cultures.

Aquarius: Japan

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Aquarius is the futuristic, inventive sign of the zodiac which seeks newness and edginess, making Japan a great place for them. This sign would appreciate the technological innovation, architectural design, urban planning, and unique mix of past traditions with modern advances there. Even though work is fast-paced there, Aquarius is like the lightning bolt of the zodiac, and could certainly keep up.

Pisces: Italy

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Pisces should move to a warm and friendly place with a lot of soul, where they don’t have to feel like they cannot embrace their emotional side and live with their heart on their sleeve. That’s why Italy is the place for this sign, where it’s deeply ingrained to be passionate about food, football, wine, and culture. Also, Pisces is a wanderlust-struck sign, so they can always take road trips to the coast, cute villages, or vineyards, giving them loads of travel options.

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