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The Washington Post expands global newsroom, announces new roles to grow international audience


The Washington Post today announced further expansion to its global newsroom and new positions aimed at growing Post readership nationally and internationally. These latest additions build on years-long investments by The Post to cover the news from more locations than ever before and to produce 24/7 live news coverage that is timely and accessible to people around the world at any time of day.

“There is an enormous opportunity to expand the reach of our Washington Post journalism and we are moving aggressively to seize it,” said Fred Ryan, publisher and CEO of The Washington Post. “This next phase of our expansion builds on an already strong foundation and will better position us to give audiences around the world an essential and timely news report that encompasses the authoritative coverage that The Post is globally renowned for.”

To support this initiative, The Post will add 15 new positions, largely based internationally. The majority of positions apply to the newsroom but also include advertising and subscriptions roles.

The newsroom positions will be dedicated to enhancing The Post’s around-the-clock news operation. The Post first established its global live news team in 2021 with the openings of news hubs in London and Seoul focused on covering breaking news as it unfolds around the world during Washington’s overnight hours. The new roles expanding this operation include a senior head of audience focused on international growth, visual reporters in both news hubs, global audience editors focused on SEO, social and analytics and two newsletter editors aimed at developing international audience growth through email.

Alesia Lewis, director of finance, and Sara Sorcher, head of the London hub, will take on leadership of an international coordinating group that has been studying and pursuing opportunities to elevate and expand Post offerings to global readers. Lewis will serve at the Vice President level of the company and Sorcher will take on a senior leadership role driving this new initiative.

The Post additionally is expanding its coverage of international issues with three new positions: A second correspondent in Ukraine, an investigative reporter focused on tech and misinformation and a visual forensics reporters focused on China.