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The U.S. has plenty of beautiful places to travel, from oceanside beach resorts to cozy small towns to national parks. But what the U.S. doesn’t have is the centuries-old history of Europe. Medieval churches, famous ruins, ancient cultures—there’s nothing that compares to traveling around the continent. This also makes it difficult to decide where to take a trip to first. That’s why we asked Best Life’s resident astrologer to match each zodiac sign with the European city they should visit. Keep reading to find out if you’ll be headed to a bustling metropolis like Paris or a relaxed locale like Nicosia, Cyprus.

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Lauren Ash is a St. Louis-based astrologer and lifestyle writer. Ash is the resident astrologer for Best Life, Glam, and Sanctuary Astrology. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aerial view of Munich

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries has a lot more energy than other people. You like to start the day early so you don’t waste a moment when you could be out exploring. That’s why you’re looking to take a vacation somewhere you can let loose and have a good time without being bogged down with small or unnecessary details.

Why not book a ticket to Munich, Germany for good food, delicious beer, and parties that last until the early morning hours? And if you time your trip just right, you’ll be able to enjoy the pomp and circumstance that is the world’s largest Oktoberfest celebration. Prost!

View down a cobblestone street in Dublin, Ireland showing the famed Temple Bar.View down a cobblestone street in Dublin, Ireland showing the famed Temple Bar.
Aitormmfoto / Shutterstock

Tauruses aren’t known for being adventurous; you’d rather relax at home when you’re not busy working hard. In your career, you’re determined and disciplined, which is the same approach you take with planning a vacation. Rather than rushing from one location to the next, you prefer a trip where you can immerse yourself in the culture and experience.

Embrace the laid-back and cozy lifestyle of Dublin, Ireland. From historic architecture and cobblestone streets to delicious food and drinks (always very important to you, Taurus) enjoyed in age-old pubs, there are many unique attractions to uncover in Dublin.

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lisbon, portugual lisbon, portugual
iStock / alanphillips

Geminis are open-minded and easygoing. You like to push your own boundaries by going to new places and meeting new people who you wouldn’t encounter in your day-to-day life. Where others might play it safe, you dive into the unknown and find something exciting in the most unexpected places.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is one of the most vibrant and trendy cities in Europe. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world as you immerse yourself in the melting pot of history, cuisine, art, architecture, and nightlife. With so much to do around this walkable city, you might find yourself never wanting to leave!

The village of Varenna, on Lake Como, photographed on a summer day.The village of Varenna, on Lake Como, photographed on a summer day.
iStock / Daniele Mezzadri

Cancers are well-known homebodies, but you have a lust for adventure that might surprise some. The key is making sure you’re comfortable. Few things make you as happy as unwinding in your home, so if you’re going to venture out, it needs to be somewhere worth the time and effort.

Sitting at the base of the Alps, the glamorous waterfront getaway of Lake Como, Italy is the perfect escapist fantasy for any time of year. Enjoy lazy days full of drinks and sunbathing during the summer months or cocoa and gorgeous snowy views once the temperatures start to drop.

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Parisian StreetParisian Street
Catarina Belova/Shutterstock

You’re always looking for an opportunity to express yourself and be the center of attention, Leo. So when it comes to traveling, you need a destination where you can put on a show and have a good time doing it. Bold and dramatic, you’re looking for a city with the same exuberance and flair.

And is there anywhere more passionate than Paris? As one of the most important and influential cities in the world in terms of history, art, and culture, you’ll surely find plenty of places to leave your mark. And with so many amazing sights to see and food to indulge in, you’ll be right at home in the City of Light.

Stortorget square in Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, the capital of SwedenStortorget square in Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden

Virgos are very practical and organized, traits you carry with you into vacations. You’ll take charge of planning every detail of a trip, regardless of who you’re traveling with. Some might think you’re a bit of a snob, but you’re too concerned with making the most of your vacation (and money) to care.

Stockholm, Sweden is packed with historical and cultural attractions to keep your schedule full, while the city’s many restaurants, cafés, and bars offer spots to rest when you need to press pause for a moment. This cosmopolitan city is the perfect mix of vintage charm and new urban style that will tick all the boxes for you.

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rome, italy rome, italy

You’re a fan of all things beautiful and indulgent, Libra. As the sign of the lovers, you prefer enjoying everything with someone by your side. So, a vacation for you is the chance to connect with that special someone and pamper yourself among the finer things in life.

A vacation to Rome, Italy is sure to bring out your romantic side. Share a candlelit pasta dinner for two with some of the best wines in Europe, or enjoy fantastic local art and shopping. If you’re feeling extra sensual, seal your love with a coin toss and a kiss at the Trevi Fountain. You’re sure to fall in love with yourself, your partner, and the city itself.

Pollenca, old village on the island Palma Mallorca, SpainPollenca, old village on the island Palma Mallorca, Spain
iStock / Balate Dorin

You’re no stranger to the unknown, Scorpio, and you like to put yourself in new and unusual situations. From what you eat to where you stay, passion and excitement are the must-haves for your vacation. You’re very independent, so traveling to a location where you’re surrounded by crowds of people or need a tour guide to get around doesn’t appeal to you.

Spain has many popular vacation destinations, but you prefer the hidden gems over trendy hot spots. Treat yourself to a relaxing retreat on the coast of Palma de Mallorca. With gorgeous warm weather year-round, sandy beaches, and hidden historic streets, this city has more than enough adventures to satisfy your needs.

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Blue Mosque in Istanbul, TurkeyBlue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
iStock / Nikada

As the most adventurous sign in the zodiac, your idea of a good time is putting yourself out there, making new friends, and exploring the great unknown. Everyone knows you’re a thrill-seeker, Sagittarius, so you’re looking to travel somewhere slightly off the beaten path.

Istanbul, Turkey has enough awe-inspiring history and spirited nightlife to keep you entertained and ensure you’ll go home with plenty of stories to share. You’ll also enjoy befriending the locals, going out for drinks and dinner, and roaming around and seeing what hidden gems you stumble upon.

Nicosia city streetsNicosia city streets
iStock / heidikh

Capricorns might be the trickiest sign when it comes to vacation planning. And it’s not because you’d rather stay home, but rather that your elevated tastes and discerning eye are hard to please. You will probably have a list of things you want to do on a trip, and you need to have plenty of downtime to relax and unwind between activities.

Nicosia is a hidden gem among European travel destinations, where the old world and modern amenities come together to create a beautifully unique city. As someone who appreciates tradition, you’ll enjoy discovering all the history, while your love of luxury will be perfectly satisfied with the elevated vacation experience.

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the city of Amsterdamthe city of Amsterdam
iStock / tunart

There’s a lot out there to experience, and as the most forward-thinking zodiac sign, nothing can stop you from seeing it for yourself. Thoughtful, intelligent, and curious, you’re never content to accept things at face value. Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, so your ideal vacation spot will give you a chance to walk on the wild side.

Amsterdam, Netherlands has the sort of relaxed rules and open-minded culture that will allow you to feel free. Not to mention, there’s so much to do that your busy mind will never get bored. From bustling cafés and theaters to gorgeous natural views, this beautiful, walkable (and bikeable!) city is the place to be.

View of the Acropolis from the Plaka, Athens, GreeceView of the Acropolis from the Plaka, Athens, Greece
iStock / sborisov

Pisces are some of the most go-with-the-flow types of people, which makes you well-suited for traveling. As a fluid and changeable sign, you love having the freedom to do something different every day and explore every corner of your chosen destination. So, you need a city where you can enjoy social activities but also find some alone time.

Athens, Greece is one of the world’s oldest cities and has endless ancient treasures to discover. Not to mention, you’re just a short ride to some of the most famous beaches in the world—perfect for unwinding with a book or daydreaming the afternoon away.

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