Saturday, June 15, 2024
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China threatens to challenge European EV duties at WTO

The provisional duties, which come after a months-long investigation into Chinese state aid to its EV-makers, drew immediate condemnation from Beijing. China has already...

EU election exit poll: Far-right Wilders makes big gains in Netherlands, but narrowly beaten

“Counting all the seats of pro-European parties, we tell the rest of Europe: It’s not a given that the radical right is going to...

What is the EU election? A beginner’s guide

But really, these are separate national votes taking place in 27 countries, and there are slightly different rules governing the votes, too.  The bigger your...

The front-runners for the next European Commission

The European Commission’s top jobs will all soon be up for grabs again after next month’s European election.  Which country will get the all-powerful trade...

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