Friday, June 14, 2024

Stunning European destination branded ‘hidden gem’ costs less than £200 to visit

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TikTok user @emsbudgettravel has been causing quite a stir with her savvy travel tips.

And she proved to fans that jet-setting doesn’t always have to break the bank.

Em let her followers in on a little secret, claiming one of her “favourite” destinations set her back less than £200.

She has hailed Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of Europe’s most “underrated countries in Europe”. In her own words, she said in her TiKTok video post: “My favourite country of 2024 and one of the cheapest and most underrated in Europe! Perfect for a budget couples holiday or girls’ trip.”

She’s not just talking the talk; Em’s walked the walk, having visited nine countries already this year, with Bosnia and Herzegovina topping her list. Describing it as a “hidden gem”, she highlighted that Ryanair‘s new budget-friendly flights are making it even more accessible.

During her four-day adventure, Em only spent £158.44, covering “flights, accommodation, food, activities, transport – literally everything”. It’s no wonder she’s touting it as one of the “cheapest countries to visit in Europe”.

Her stay in Sarajevo, the nation’s capital, was nothing short of enchanting. Em found the city “beautiful city” and “felt really safe” exploring its streets.

The locals’ warm welcome and the breathtaking “mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls” added to her memorable experience.

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