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Spain back in the Black Type big time new policy offers hope for other ‘smaller’ racing nations | Trainer Magazine | European Trainer Article Index

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The full criteria are these:

  • An emerging country must adhere to basic EMHF-defined administration/integrity standards and be a member of the EMHF.

  • A maximum of one qualifying race is permitted per emerging country which qualifies on the basis of a lower rating parameter/tolerance level.

  • This lower parameter/tolerance level is 5 lbs below the normal Listed race levels (i.e., 95 lbs, rather than 100 lbs, with the exception of fillies/mares and two-year-old races, where the thresholds are lower). 

  • A race from an emerging country must have achieved this required (lower) rating at least twice in the past three years, meaning that races must have been run at least twice. 

  • The race’s prize fund must be a minimum of €50,000.

  • A qualifying race is given three years to establish itself before being subject to review and could be downgraded if falling below the lower ‘exceptional’ parameter/tolerance level thereafter (with the general principle being that it must either achieve the 5-lb lower average race rating over three years or the annual rating in two years out of the three renewals).

  • If a country wishes to seek Listed status for more than one race or Group status for any race, all Black Type races from that country must meet the full normal rating parameters; and the country would then become an associate member of the European Pattern Committee.

Trainers can thus get a good handle on the likely winnability of these Black Type races from knowing that the average rating of the first four home over recent renewals will have been between 95 and 100.

“An aspiration for the EPC”, Morris continues, “would be that the award of Listed status to one race would serve as a catalyst to improve their race programme and horse population, hopefully propelling them to become associate members in time (allowing more than one race to achieve Listed status if reaching the standard rating parameters).”

No fewer than five countries made applications under the new scheme, despite having only a few weeks in which to do so. In this, the first year, Spain was the only country whose chosen race rated highly enough, but it is our strong hope that, with more time in which to plan, other countries will be successful in the future.

“It is very pleasing that Spain has already been able to achieve the required level for Listed status to be awarded to the Gran Premio de Madrid and that several other countries were keen to put forward races, which will hopefully qualify for future consideration. The EPC will work with the respective rating authorities on trying to standardise their rating file levels with European norms to facilitate future evaluations.”

“An emerging country with aspirations for a race to be awarded Listed status by the EPC, but not yet achieving the rating requirements, will hopefully take encouragement to target the key race(s) within their jurisdiction for the future with enhanced prize money and promotion to boost the quality of the races. For races in an emerging country to be successful, strong communication of the opportunities internationally and incentives to encourage high quality overseas participation will be important.”  

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